Friday, May 16, 2008

Musings from the desert

Ok- Patti's quilt is all tied and I am edging it on my machine this morning!

I have another quilt on the frames now though-- one for humanitarian. It has NFL helmets all over it and my younger daughter loves it! She wants one with NBA stuff on it. er-- yeah... I will be looking for that material in the near future. I actually just made her a quilt for Christmas with denim and flannel monkey squares with a matching pillowcase.

Going over to a Mary Kay party this morning, which should be a fun diversion from the norm. I am also working on my Primary Lesson for this Sunday. It's on the ways the Priesthood blesses us and I want to make a little coloring booklet with some coloring pages from the Friend. Need to locate all those!

Been working hard on making things for my grandbaby William, who is see is due in exactly 6 weeks from today! WOO HOO!!! Move closer you guys! It is going to be so hard to never see the little guy. Oh well... not a lot I can do about that. So he will get spoiled from afar I guess. =) The 'things' include burp cloths... even one to keep at grandmas house, and a double thick fleece tied blanket, plus edged receiving blankets, and I am still knitting a blanket for his blessing which I need to get done!

TODAY I wanted to share my recipe pages with all of you! Especially the FOOD STORAGE - RECIPES. I've been updating those. ENJOY!

I received this letter in my email today. So if you LOVE to make hats for babies, here you go!

"I work At Southern Maine Medical Center in biddeford Maine and we are in desperate need of newborn hats for our nursery. We would take any donation given with open arms! Many of babies are in need of charitable donations. Thank you, Julie Baker

Southern Maine Medical center
c/o Julie Baker Birthing Suite
One Medical center Drive P.O.Box 626
Biddeford Maine 04005"


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angel said...

dear bev,
i love your web site...thx for all the great patterns...i am commenting to the newborn hats in need...i knit and my sister crochets and would love to help out...we live in maine and can donate easily...

shirley said...

I just found your website and love it thank you for all the great recipes and hints on quilting I really want to try it I have never made one,I live in Canada but will be very happy to knit hats for the babies in Maine.have an awesome day GB