Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dishcloth pattern

I wasn't all that certain I would like using this dishcloth after I had already knitted half of it, but I have been using it the past 2 days and I LOVE IT!! It's my new fave to use.

It's a really simple pattern, but mindless knitting so good for relaxation for you.

Bev's Ribby Cloth
Copyright Beverly A. Qualheim 2008
Size 8 knitting needles
1 oz of cotton yarn.... this was Peaches and Cream brand maybe-- something on a cone from Wal-Mart
Cloth is approx. 8" square when finished.

Cast on 29 sts
Knit the first 6 rows
Knit 4 sts, k1, p1 across to last 4 sts - k last 4 sts
(Always keep knit 4 sts at the beginning of each row and end of each row)
Continue in this manner till cloth is 7.5"
Knit last 6 rows.
Bind off. Weave in ends of yarn.


These make great gifts for yourself or loved ones, and of course many shelters will accept these to be used for dishes or as washcloths.

I also wanted to show you our grapevines! Each year we have been blessed with an abundance of delicious grapes and this year is no exception. YUMMY!

We don't thin out the grapes at all, that we we get TONS of small grapes. If you thin them when they are first growing, you get larger grapes, but we would rather have lots of smaller ones.

Sandy soil is great for grapes! They love it here in this heat.

And check back as I will post bib patterns soon.



Becky said...

Hi Bev!
No baby yet? I noticed your counter has reached "0" today. I wish you all well.
An old pen friend checking in.

bevq said...

Baby is due today, although someone maybe needs to tell him that! ;)
She has a midwife and isn't too worried though, and neither am I.

They had to estimate the baby's due date from ultrasounds so he could easily go another week or so.

I am waiting here for that phone call though!!! =)

Niki said...

I only crochet. But the dishcloth pattern is great!

Becky said...

Greg was over a week late so I know what she's going through... hard to believe that was nearly 22 years ago.