Friday, June 06, 2008

Patti has graduated!

Well, I promised a photo or 2. I took this one and a couple of her friends and my camera battery was dead! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh well.

She did a wonderful job with her valedictorian speech, funny, and good. She just looked beautiful and it's hard for me to realize that she is done with high school and ready to take on the world of university and then the world!

Tomorrow I am having an ice-cream party for my CTR (6 year olds) Sunday School class and I am ready baby! I have a portable quilt ready to tie-- they love doing that, and bubbles galore, and of course, lots of ice cream!

Have a wonderful day!!

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Mom2fur said...

Congratulations to Patti! I bet her speech was great. 3 of my kids have graduated high school already, and I can attest to the fact that the student speeches are INFINITELY more interesting than the adult ones, LOL! (Alas, not a valedictorian in my family! You must be very proud!)

bevq said...

We are very proud of Patti and how hard she worked to get there. She is our 4th graduate, first valedictorian.

Our eldest is graduating from University in a couple of months too and I know how hard he has worked to get there too.
Proud of all 5 of my kids-- they really are such a blessing in my life. =)


Hilsgal said...

Congrats - that daughter of yours is beautiful AND smart - that is a rare combination.