Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 Have we forgotten?

I am rewriting this blog post. My earlier one was just not 'me'. I have so many things I want to say, but not being particularly eloquent with political type words everything comes out angry today.

My prayers today are with those who were personally affected by the tragic events of 9-11-01. It seems so many have forgotten what happened to us that day. May we never forget and never surrender to evil! And my prayers are with our brave soldiers who KNOW why they are out there fighting. They know what freedom is and they value it! Why doesn't the mainstream media in this country?

My son Shaun was asked to work for the Red Cross down at Ground Zero today... I wonder how that went?

I am off to crochet some red, white and blue booties for a baby in need somewhere... and maybe more warm mittens.

Don't forget to pray.




Anonymous said...

Dear Bev.
I am so prowed of you for the vido of 9-11 YES I remember it so well who coad forget it. People to day seem to think that we are not in war I wish there was a way to wake them up.
Bev; Thank you for putting 9-11 on your site GOD BLESS you and your Family keep up the good work
be sure to hug all the people you Love.
Peace Becky Gray.

bevq said...

I actually removed the video as I was a bit depressed watching it... very graphic and I guess I felt that we need to remember without all the graphic video spots...

At least I need to remember without that. I got my red white and blue booties made and will donate those to LDS humanitarian. Hopefully they will keep some little ones feet warm.


Anonymous said...

Bev, As I read your blog I want you to know that God has put you in my life to help me get my priorities in place. I love to crochet and often do for the homeless and needy...but then I tend to get computer fever and I stay online for hours on end...surfing the net, browsing and reading the local forums etc etc and before you know it day is over and I have not crocheted anything...what a wasted day of nothing..when I could of been crocheting stuff to help people....then today I come to read your blog and I love what you had to say..especially about crocheting the baby booties and mittens for somone in need...and you know...I needed that JOLT to get my priorities back in the right place. God Bless You Bev and always know that your Blog and Bev's Country Cottage is a Blessed Ministry and they help all of us in so many personal ways....cyn from Florida

bevq said...

Oh Cyn
I can totally relate. It is so easy to get caught up online.

I work 2 part-time jobs outside the home that I just started this summer and this past week, to help us make ends meet.

That has been a blessing, because I now have to really plan out my days, my time with my daughter when she is home from school, working on my website as we depend on the little income from that...
my Sunday School lessons for the 6 yr olds I teach, cleaning, cooking, laundering, and my time online, and my time crocheting and knitting for those in need.

It's been a rough few months figuring things out, and trying to find time for 'Bev'. Time to read and study my scriptures, time to make things for my grandson, time to well, just take a nap. :)

Good readers like you, are why I want to keep working on my website, and putting those patterns on there so we can ALL reach out to others. I love that!!! Isn't the internet an incredible tool for our Heavenly Father's work?

So today, and tomorrow, do set aside an hour a day --set an actual time (ie, 2 pm till 3 pm) if that works, and make something for someone. There are so many millions of people in need, and every single item helps.

God bless!!

Sandie said...

Hi Bev,
I always enjoy your blog so I nominated you for the I Love This Blog award. Check out for more info. :)

Sandy said...

I'm popping in again for a visit, as I do from time to time. Nice post.

Doing a little blog walking this am before heading outside to do some yard work.

I've been enjoying the bootie patterns on your page, (both knitted and crocheted).

As always, welcome mats in out would love to have you come by for a visit.

HAINAngel2000 said...

AMEN AND WELL SAID!!! Bev your such a dear lady. I agree with you 100%.