Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweaters to warm kids

Good morning!
I have to share this touching video with all of you today. It just filled me with warmth, and made me want to finish the sweater I started earlier this year to give to a child in need.
Thanks to knitforkids for that beautiful video! You can find free patterns there for knitted, and crocheted sweaters. Being me, I had to create an even easier pattern to make and you can use double yarn if you want to make it even warmer. You can find my knitted version HERE.

I hope some of you will make a warm sweater for a cause near you, for LDS Humanitarian, for the Knit for Kids project, or perhaps for Pine Ridge where they are needed too.

I want to work on larger versions of my sweater, but simply don't have the time to do that so if any of you want to experiment and add more stitches for across the arms (since mine is a top-down sweater) I would be so grateful if you can send me stitch counts and measurements.


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