Friday, October 31, 2008

'Tis been Halloween!!!

This was pumpkin carving on Monday night for our Family Home Evening!

And tonight we had 'Trunk or Treat' at Church so -- I had to share a few photos of Halloween tonight! I went as the Crazy Knitting Granny! And I got a lot of comments... people LOVED my hair! LOL!!

Yeah- she's sane!! NOT!

Here- we are checking out the hand knitted socks and horrid looking 'granny pants' (definitely a 'What Not to Wear' accessory that I wear normally to walk the dogs in the morning!
That's about it! Katie went as Princess Geselle from 'Enchanted' and she looked beautiful! I will try and get a photo on here later of her all dressed up.

HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!! and... now it's time to get those Christmas gifts made!!! I love this time of year. =)

PS. My new pattern! GRANDMA LIZ'S HAT!


Bunny said...

Love the hair Bev! Too cute.
I was tryinhg to get to Bevs Country Cottage and only get a page with leaves on it. Not sure if it's me or there's a problem.

Bunny said...

never mind. now it works. lol

bevq said...

Could be that it took a few minutes to load?

annie said...

Great hair! LOL! And I love the new hat pattern, makes me wish that I could knit again! I haven't been able to since my brain surgery 3 yrs ago. Thank the good Lord I can crochet! :) Hugs, Ann

Unknown said...

You appear to be a really FUN knitting granny!