Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just got home from our local little Veterans Day parade and our 'Welcome back Snowbirds Picnic' and it was so relaxing! I love living here in Moapa Valley-- it's such a blessing that I try not to ever take for granted.

Airplanes flew overhead first to start the parade and then the local floats, high school marching band, several firetrucks, police cars etc came by. Many threw candy and it is so much fun watching all those little ones squealing with delight as they see a sucker or tootsie pop come flying their way.

They had free tickets for the picnic and a drawing for lots of local prizes and I won one! I get a free visit to the local chiropractor. Very happy about that. I have fibromyalgia and a little scoliosis, among other little 'goodies', and I used to be able to go to the chiropractor when we had insurance for that. We don't anymore, so I have not been for years. So I am thrilled!

Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving in America and that means I will start my Christmas cookie baking soon too! I make some ahead of time and freeze them for gifts and for Christmas. None of the kids are coming home for Thanksgiving, as they were here for Jackson's baby blessing pretty recently and they all live too far away. So it will be just Mike, and Katie and me. I am thinking of roasting a chicken instead of making a turkey.

Last weekend we went up to Salt Lake City to visit with my sister Patti who is visiting there right now. She is training at the Zen Center there, as she is becoming a Buddhist nun and has to do a lot of really disciplined training. I have not seen her for 5 years, as she lives in BC, Canada.

We had a blast! So much laughing and fun. I really miss my sisters, both of them so it was a treat and a half to get to visit with Patti and my daughter Patti too!

Have a good, rest of the day and make the most of tomorrow by reaching out to someone who needs you.



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