Monday, February 16, 2009

A day off...

It's President's Day. A day to honor the leaders of this country. Or right now, a day to pray that the current leaders actually seek the Lord's will in their decisions.

President's Day... a day the kids are off school here, and thus, the Seminary is off too, so I didn't go to work. I stayed home with my daughter, and we made bread. We also went to my friend's house and she gave us hair cuts. I really needed one and Katie's looks so cute.

I also cut out 5 1/2" flannel squares today-- dozens of them, all in preparation for the Humanitarian Booth at the Clark County Fair. My daughter and I will be setting that up and running it again this year. I miss my buddy Joye who has always helped me out with it. She is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, up in Salt Lake City right now. God bless you Joye, stay safe.

So, I am making quilt tops and I will be able to set up a quilt or 2 to tie at the Fair. Those will be donated to LDS Humanitarian, and we might even make a newborn quilt or 2 for UMC in Vegas. Most of the items I am making this year will be donated to UMC.

If any of you have made anything in the way of:
a pair of mittens, scarves, booties, baby bibs or burpcloths, onesies, dolls, bears, newborn or childrens' sweaters, file folder games, quiet books and so forth, that you could send for display on the booth table, please feel free to send them and I will be sure to display them for you and then donate them to either UMC or LDS Humanitarian after the fair.

The fair is April 9-12, and I will need the items before mid March, that way I can make anything we don't have that we need.

You can write to me via this blog, and I will send you my mailing address.

There are lots of patterns on this page too:
or the winter page
or toys-- a wonderful item for little kids to have to help them feel loved, to feel joy and hope.

Well, tomorrow it's back to work. I love my jobs, and I am so grateful to have employment in this day and age. I am really blessed, and it's good to help my family out. Keep safe and warm and never take any member of your family for granted. Give out lots of those warm mama hugs and grandma hugs and love!!


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Mimi said...

Bev. on my blog is a link to a site with a pattern for a baby sweater. The sweater is charming and with the collar it could look really more like a little boys. We both need the boy sweaters :)