Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fire burns down Mormon Church in Logandale

The old Logandale Chapel, especially the sanctuary, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was burned to the ground this morning.

This first photo was taken by my friend Lory Fabbi at about 6 am, Feb 4th, 2009
The others I took at about 1 pm. Many of the town's folk were gathered there talking about it, and one told me that they managed to rescue several computers, thus saving the records, and someone had the presence of mind to actually run in there and grab the Missionary Plaques that were posted for the various wards. Thank you to whoever did that! As a mom of a missionary son in another ward, having that plaque with his photo and fave scripture on it, would mean the world to me.

Our ward meets in the Stake Center, a different building. I am not sure what they will do with the 3 wards who DO meet in this building normally. Should be interesting to see.

Fire Trucks were still there at 1 pm keeping an eye on things.

This is what is left of the Sanctuary- the actual chapel part of the building.

It's hard to see but in the back left there was a lovely old palm tree that was totally charred. To the left is the chapel again... you can see the rubble through the opening there. The roof totally collapsed. Amazingly the steeple is still there... pointing to Heaven.

AP picked up the story


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