Monday, April 13, 2009

Clark County Fair! and my garden!

I wanted to share with you the humanitarian booth photos and info! The booth went great as it always does - we have hundreds of people walk through, and many stopped to talk.

The photo above shows some of my friend Bobbi's afghans that made the booth look so cheery and beautiful! Her mom made a few too. You can see LDS Humanitarian 'School Bags' hanging to the right. We didn't put them out on the table this year, as a couple of years ago, the supplies for the school kits sort of walked off. I guess people thought they were 'free samples'??

We just tore it all down a couple of hours ago and I am tired but wanted to get some photos posted on here for all of you, as so many of you helped make items for it. Those will all be taken or mailed to various charities in the next few weeks here.

Here you can see free patterns laid out for people to take with them, also some of the puppets, quiet book off to the left, mittens, leprosy bandages, hair pretties and sweaters etc.

Here is the fireplace my daughter made - she did a great job I think! This was our cosy little knitting. looming, crocheting area.

We had people come and sit and learn to loom knit and we also had a quilt set up way off to the right of this picture, where they could learn to tie a quilt for a baby. Several people helped with that too.

We ended up tying 5 baby quilts! One was my daughter's 10 hour project for her Personal Progress award-- a program for the teenage girls at Church where they have to complete a lot of projects that cover many areas like integrity, faith, divine nature, knowledge, good works, etc.

Here is a view from the left front, which is what most people saw as they came into the Fine Arts building.

There is a good shot of a quilt we had there to tie, some scarves, a 'hat tree' we had over to the left in the back on the table, some lovely warm sweaters made by my friend Chris Hilfiker, a sign for the 'hat-a-thon' we held on Saturday all day.

One lady showed up for that, and got a hat made, and I made a bunch that day... I made a total of 9 during the 3 days we sat there, and 2 pairs of loomed booties. Not much, but most of the time is spent talking to all the great people who come in to see what's in our colorful booth. Many of them are humanitarian specialists in their wards. I even talked with a wonderful lady from Geneva Switzerland about what can be made and donated over there in Europe. Wonderful lady!

You can see the leprosy bandages a bit better here, also one of the Quiet books is open there.

I will be creating a page on my website of the pages from her 2 quiet books soon. That way others can get ideas of what to include on those pages, and how to sew them. They were a great hit at the booth! Ladies were coming in to play with those pages!!

Here you have our mitten wall! So many lovely pairs were made and we didn't have enough room to hang them all up so many went on the table. You can also see the hats and booties on the hat tree better in this photo.

There are some washcloths to the right also, and those will go to UMC hospital in Vegas, for the new mamas to take home.

Also wanted to share real quick, 2 photos of my 'square foot garden' as it is growing nicely! The first one shows it right after it was built.

Hubby made it for me, and the 2nd photo was before we turned on the watering system - drip irrigation - on so there is a hose there. We have cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, zuchini, blackberries, a pansy, 'cos I like those flowers', some 'mums' as they keep the bunnies out of my garden... In the bucket are a bunch of starter-grapes! They all have leaves but still no roots and it's been a couple of months since we trimmed the vines and saved those to share with others.

Enjoy life! Make every day count! Make peace with others...
Hug the ones you love!



Mariella said...

I'm a fan of square foot gardening too! It sure makes it easier to keep track of what you planted and also looks so neat and organized.
Your boxes look so sturdy - kudos to your husband!

Elizabeth G. said...


I found you by accident on the Internet, while searching for "country cottage" images. I saw your pic of Christ and that drew me in.

How did you upload videos on to your blog? I wish I knew how to do that.

I'd like to square foot garden, but the sweet hubby doesn't do projects like that.

Have a great day!

bevq said...

Hi Elizabeth
When you are on YouTube, there is an 'embed' file for most videos. You copy and paste that code and then on the blog, you click on the HTML edit, and paste the code in there.

Hope this helps you to post videos.

Glasgow Lindsay said...

I love all the pictures of your stall wonderful work you and your daughter did. It looked great and you had so much information to share.I love the hat tree and the fireplace and cosy corner so nice to have things you can show people how to make right there on the stall!

Your garden looks great happy growing!

I enjoy your blog very always encourage and say something postive which makes each visit nice. And I always get a smile as your world counter thingy always says I am from Edinburgh (the closest I will get to living in the capital!)but perhaps Edinburgh comes up for all of Scotland us being so small!!!

God Bless!

Gayle said...

Dear Bev, Love the post. I am so happy you got all the support for your booth at the fair. I have been using your patterns and ideas for a long time. I feel like we are kindred spirits walking the same path.(seminary, garden, humanitarian efforts, grandma, etc.) Sorry that we don't live closer I know we would be great friends. I have nominated you for a blog award. I appreciate the inspiriation you give to me. Thanks, Gayle

linda said...

I really like your garden! It seems that this method is very well organized and it looks really nice too! thanks for answering my question about that on ravelry! (tribal here)And you are right, enjoy life! Take care!