Monday, April 27, 2009

Poppin' in to say hello!!

Hi everyone!
I don't have a lot to post on here. Been working, and doing laundry, and working, and doing dishes, and working and .... oh yes! CROCHETING and KNITTING!! Gotta relax in there too. And I am packing to get ready to go to BYU women's conference.

My ride is unable to go now, so working out details to ride with someone else. I CAN'T WAIT! I am a tad bit burnt out lately and need this annual break from reality. I just want to revive my spirit, and make some new things for humanitarian.

My garden is growing nicely although I did manage to over 'Miracle Grow' it and some of the plants look a bit, well, poorly to say the least. Hoping they will recover though.

Let's see. I colored my hair yesterday... oooh exciting! Washed that gray right outa my hair.

I am working on a new crocheted baby sweater pattern for everyone who loves to crochet and will post that once I get it done and typed up. I know that seems to take forever... meanwhile if you love to edge blankets and burp cloths here is the pattern I use almost all the time now.

Hugs and Kisses Edge
Coats and Clark Rainbow colored # 10 thread
Size 5 steel crochet hook.

Attach thread in any hole along the hemstitched edge with a SC.
Chain 3.
in the hole directly behind your starting thread. Go forward past where you have worked and skip a hole. (see photo)
* SC in the next hole, chain 3, go back in skipped hole and SC. Repeat this pattern from * around edge.

There are more edgings here

Hug the ones you love!!!


Jo-Ann said...

Is the primary color varigated available in the store. I'm speaking of the one you used on the item with the primary colored baby feet. I love it but haven't seen it in any store that sells that #10 thread.

bevq said...

Hi Jo-Ann,
I am guessing you mean the variegated thread I used for this blanket?

I just bought it at a Wal*Mart a while ago I think.

Susan Pixley said...

Bev, I am looking for a pattern to crochet a temple envelope. Do you know of one? I'd love to find a copy, if one is available. Many thanks.

liz and lyman said...

I am wanting a pattern for a Temple envelope like Susan--- Do you have one?

liz and lyman said...

I wanted a pattern for a Temple envelope as well- do you have one??

bevq said...

I don't have a temple envelope pattern. Sorry.