Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! And Helping HEATHER...

We live in a world where we all have the opportunity to mother and love those around us. I pray that we will do that today and every day this week. Let us all be kinder, gentler, speak with love, forgive those we perceive to have wronged us, stop holding grudges, but instead, reach out with kindness, and do something nice for someone, even someone who might not 'deserve' such love.

I also want to share an opportunity to help a young mom whom you have never met.

She is my friend Heather, who is fighting a brave battle with cancer. She has 2 little boys who need her. There is a short term fundraiser going on till the 18th May, and if you can help it will be greatly appreciated. Their insurance is not covering thousands of dollars which they will have to pay out of pocket.

On Friday and Saturday (8 and 9) we held a yard sale to help with this cause too.

If you can simply include Heather in your prayers, that would really be wonderful too!

The Lord Bless you on this special day to honor your mom. May you feel His love as you care for others.


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