Monday, June 29, 2009

Great morning!!

How is everyone today?

I actually am going fabulously! Haven't slept much this weekend for various reasons, mostly pain from fibro or the MS, who knows, who cares, but I consider myself very blessed to be alive and to see the sunshine and hear the birds - eating my grapes! ;)

Today is a day to be thankful, so that's what I would like to focus on this morning.

In the great 'Plan of Happiness' we lived with our Heavenly Father before coming to this earth. We, who are here, all sided with Him and His Son Jesus Christ to come here to gain knowledge, wisdom, to live by faith (which we couldn't do in His presence) and to gain a physical body. We could see that our Father had a glorified physical body, and we had spiritual bodies. To become like Him, which is our goal, we had to come to earth to gain this body and the other things I mentioned.

So here we are!

Our bodies are an amazing gift from our Heavenly Father (you might know Him as 'God') and we need to be extremely grateful for them. This would include taking good care of them, not marking them up with tatoos, or lots of piercings, not abusing ourselves with glutony of food or drink, not starving ourselves, and following His Word of Wisdom.

We need to exercise and eat healthy foods.

Since I started this out with being grateful, you might wonder how that all fits in here. We really, REALLY wanted to come to earth to get these magnificent bodies and every day it's important to treat them kindly and to be thankful for their incredible functions.

I have a dear friend who is totally blind and as I walk in the morning I thank my Heavenly Father for my eyes that can see the beautiful trees, and whispy clouds and the children playing in my neighborhood.

I also thank Him that I can hear the birds, my mom was hard of hearing.

And I thank Him that I am able to walk without a cane now. YEAH!!! Good thing I have 2 dogs to balance me. Thankful for them too :) Well, you see what I mean.

I am thankful for my sweet family and the love we share. I am thankful, most of all, for my wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, who knew He had to come to earth to live and then die for us, to set the example of life, always grateful for what He had. And filled with love for each of us who need Him and what He did in dying for us.

Oh yes, I have one more thing I thank Him for on a daily basis, and that is food in my home and on my plate in a world where SO many do without and they hurt. When my stomach hurts I am able to get a bowl of cereal or boil an egg and make some toast to eat. Most of the world are not that blessed. Be thankful you have enough food.

This is one of my fave sites to visit:

You can go there every day, work on increasing your vocabulary and keeping your brain active, while helping to feed those in need and it's free!

May we all be more grateful this day for the little things, for the big things too like the freedoms we enjoy! We were sent here, all mankind, to be free to choose right from wrong, to be free to live in countries free from tyrany and oppressive governments...

HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE today and always!



Bev said...

I lurk at your blog, occasionally I didn't know you had fibro. I just got that DX. I like how positive you are especially this post that is what I needed to read today Thanks B.T.W. your name rocks!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Message Bev and I went to the FreeRice site and loved it !

Cyn from Florida

NanaKaren said...

Hi Bev ! This is my first visit to your blog, although I have visited your regular site for many years. Love your patterns!

I didn't know that you had MS. How long have you had it? Your attitude and strong faith are wonderful and will carry you through.

My daughter (age 45) was diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. She struggles through each day now. Due to medication difficulties, she has been taken off all meds.

Take care!