Friday, June 05, 2009

Keeping it short

I know I don't write very often in here anymore. Between being on the computer all the time at work, and keeping up with my website emails, updating my site and my 2 yahoo groups, I am afraid the blog here takes a bit of a back seat.
I will try to do better, although all I do is work, make meals, laundry and try to sleep... so not certain too many want to hear the same old same old every day! :)

I should be more like Laura Ingalls Wilder who made the very ordinary tasks be extraordinary for our day. I love to read her minute details about things that must have seemed very ordinary to her. I have recently rediscovered a childhood favorite, 'The 5 Little Peppers and How they grew"! I have just an Easy reader version so far, but I found the full book on Amazon and since my son Shaun gave me an Amazon gift card for Moms day I bought it and a couple of knitting books! I am so excited to be able to get books and especially to get them in the mail!! Christmas!! :)

Katie is off school now, today was her first day off, and already she was bored so I helped relieve her boredom having her thoroughly clean and wash my car. She did a nice job! I took $5 off her $125 she owes me for her band trip. I washed floors, did dishes, and cut one of our dogs hair today, as well as worked this morning. Got to do lots of ordering for the Seminary here at work getting ready for the Fall when they are studying the Book of Mormon!

They just finished up the New Testament and I took down my poster with the lambs and all 25 of the scripture mastery verses on there. I am going to make a new one for the Book of Mormon verses too, but will save the NT to put up again in 4 years when they study that again.

Here is the first scripture mastery for them to learn this fall, and what a great one it is! It is so true! The Lord never asks us to accomplish something without preparing a way to do it.

1 Nephi 3:7
7 And it came to pass that I, Nephi,
said unto my father: I will go and
do the things which the Lord hath
commanded, for I know that the
Lord giveth no commandments unto
the children of men, save he shall
prepare a way for them that they
may accomplish the thing which he
commandeth them.

So, I need a hair cut. Been looking for something pretty short since my hair IS short, but haven't found anything yet. I am just getting so shaggy. Anyone have any hair cut sites they recommend.

I've been working on plum sized preemie hats for a lady who emailed me about her hospital's needs. Here is her info in case you would like to make items for their hospital. They actually need more than plum sized hats, and since a bunch of us made lots, I think a bit larger preemie and newborn hats, booties and such would be in order now. But these were fun to make and there are many NICU's who need them. Why don't you call and check with yours? See what the needs are. You might be surprised.

Debra A. Owens, M.Ed./Sr. Program Analyst,
SUNY Downstate Medical Center,
Office of Program Development,
440 Lenox Road, Room 1N,

Brooklyn, NY 11203

List of Needs: Full-term, newborn hats
Preemie hats
Full-term, newborn booties
Preemie booties
Full-term, newborn blankets
Preemie blankets
Micro preemie Burial Layettes
Full-term, newborn mittens
Preemie mittens

Preferred Contact
Information: Email Address:

I am also working on various things to just have around the house for grandbabies... like edged burp cloths, an edged receiving blanket and such. Those take me forever to get done.

Well, have a wonderful, peaceful weekend and


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