Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking for a few good women!

Good morning everyone!
I know that out there somewhere, there are lurking people who would LOVE to reach out to help the homeless and displaced. Some of you maybe have helped Warming Families in the past?

We need some more Chapter Area Volunteers, all around the world actually, but especially in the United States. I would like to see at least 2 in every state (and Province! and country!!) to help warm those in need.

Maybe you have thought about doing something like this?

Being a Chapter Area Volunteer is not like you see with most charities, because we are a 'project' of a 501c3 and not the actual charity - which is Alan Osmond's '

~ It doesn't cost money to sign up.

~ You just need to find a shelter, domestic violence, womens and childrens, homeless, could even be the county hospital that serves the homeless and destitute- like I serve in Vegas; or maybe a Ronald McDonald house?

~ Contact them and find out their needs for warm items, hats, blankets - maybe even toys for the kids? Make sure they don't intend to sell items, but that they will give them out.

~ Then let people, friends, neighbors, church friends, online, whoever... know about it, make and collect the items your place needs; and finally keep track of what you make and get, and take those items to your 'shelter'.

~ We also have a great YAHOO group just for the Chapter Area Volunteers- where we help one another find patterns, give words of encouragement - you need to join that.

Very simple... no frills... no costs... just your time and effort to get things to those in need. In fact, if you don't knit or crochet etc, you could still do this! You just need to rally grandma, or mom, or your church ladies or... online friends, whoever can make things, and then you be the collector of those items and you take them to the shelter you choose.

You can all the official details on our WF Leaders page here:

Kaye and I would both be so excited to hear from you!! You can email Kaye at uswarmingfamilies (at) or me here bevqual (at)
I hope many of you will decide to become a chapter for your area. I know you will be blessed in so many ways, and really enjoy this work. ♥♥♥

I have a website page for my chapter but you don't need to set one up, or you can! It's up to you. Mine is here:

Hug the ones you love today, pray for them, and pray for peace in this world.


redquilter said...

Bev, I'm with you. I'll make more hats than I usually do. Are we to send them to you or just to our favorite charity as always and keep count and let you know the amount? You're right - let's aim for 50,000! We can do it! ! !


bevq said...

That's great Gerri!
With this project they will need to go to an Warming Families chapter. LandEnd is sponsoring Warming Families. :)

You will likely see them advertising it soon in Magazines and such!

I'm excited! HUGS Bev

Debbie said...

Hi Bev, I absolutely love this idea. I'm going to visit the website and learn more about this. I am a crocheter and would love to get involved in this work.