Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hats for orphans in China

One of my friends on my Charity Challenge group sent this email to the group today and Kaye Rogers of Warming Families decided this would be a fabulous group to help, and we can count the numbers of hats for our 25,000 Hat Challenge! So let's warm those little ones over in China! Read on...

If you make some hats to send, please email Kaye Rogers:
(uswarmingfamilies AT

to let her know how many, so we can add them to our counts for Warming Families. Thanks!

Email Sent to Bev's Charity Challenge group

"I got an email from a friend this morning. Karen is the owner of a custom scrubs company (Sassy Scrubs) that I have known for quite a few years. She made the scrubs that they used on the TV show "ER", you know, the ones that make the staff look good... she employs 7 seamstresses, and rather than have them sitting idle when they have no order, she has them make baby quilts from the scraps of the scrubs.... she sends them to an orphanage in China (where she adopted her two daughters)

She said the conditions are deplorable.... 4 and 5 children to a bed....and almost all the children there are female.... for no other reason than that they are girls... China's "one child per family" policy has caused many families to surrender their female children so they can try again for a more desirable male child. Karen says that practically the only time you see a boy in the orphanage is if the child has some health issue...

Anyway, she just sent me some new pictures of her last trip to China, and I noticed that this time, some of the children have knitted hats on....I asked her if she has an ongoing need for hats to go with the blankets and I received an OVERWHELMING yes!!!!

If anyone is interested in helping with this need, she collects for children ages NB to teen. She is in upstate NY and ships several times a year. She takes quilts with her, too, whenever she is given permission to travel to China..."


So it sounds like the orphanage needs mostly baby through teenaged GIRL hats. They can be knitted, loom knitted, crocheted or sewn. If you need patterns I have lots of them linked here:


PLEASE HELP! Here is where to send the hats:

Karen Bradley

C/O Sassy Scrubs

1Keuka Business Park

Penn Yan, NY 14527




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Karen Bradley said...

Bev, I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful group for helping out "my" Chinese orphans with toasty warm knitted caps! I just sent 200 baby blankets to orphanages in China on Saturday (a nice way to start the New Year!) and included 100 caps I received from folks who said they read about the Blankets for Babies Project in your blog! Wow, what a great response! Thank you so much!

I have heard from my contact at Chinese Children Adoption International, who actually visits these orphanages, and she states there are several more orphanages who could use caps - primarily this would be the newborn to 5 year old size. So, this sounds like a great challenge for your group!

Again, Bev, thank you so much for posting this need, and especially thank you to your wonderful group for helping out these sweet children who have absolutely nothing.

Karen Bradley