Sunday, December 06, 2009

Back!! Christmas plans

So, I have like 50 logins and passwords for various places and I could NOT remember the one for this blog. I kept trying to sign in over and over with every password I could possibly think of! I just gave up every single time until today when I finally reset the dumb thing.

Now I have one more to remember!

How are your Christmas plans coming along?

We are planning a peaceful Christmas time... we have one daughter coming home to join our youngest in fact we are driving up to Salt Lake City to get her and go see the lights on Temple Square; but all of our other children have other plans. I guess Shaun and Joanna are staying in NY; Chris and Danielle are going to her grandparents in Oregon; Timmy is on his mission still so we will mail him a box.

I decided to do our family newsletter but not mail them out. I will be emailing it to family and friends this year. Hope to get that started this week. I have a made a few gifts for grandbabies, and one each for my daughters and one for Mike but that will be it giftwise this year. It hasn't been an easy year for most people and we are no exception. So peaceful and quiet with just one or two gifts to open sounds like Heaven to me. :)

I am grateful to have food and still have a roof over our heads. So much more than many people in this world; and I have not taken it for granted even once this year. Many of our friends have lost their homes and had to move away to look for work.

Christmas really is not supposed to be hustle and bustle and shopping for lots of bargains. It is supposed to be a time set aside for us to remember the Lord Jesus Christ's birth; Heavenly Father's gift to us. I think we cannot understand the deep value of that gift, but someday we will and we will fall to our knees to thank Him.

Christmas Eve I plan to listen to my husband read Luke 2 from his Catholic Bible and I am going to look up some quotes, talks and scriptures from General Authorities--plus I want to piece together the story of Christ's coming to earth from the Book of Mormon, from Helaman.

Still making hats for Warming Families as we creep closer to that 25,000 goal!! It's exciting. I will be leaving wf after the hat challenge at the end of the year. It's time for me to move along and I have a new Yahoo group called Cheerful Hearts and hands, to take it's place in my life as my WF chapter will close of course.

I will still be able to make things for my 'shelters' and such. Not sure exactly which directions that group will take; but I know I want it to be positive in it's quest to help others with out knitting and crocheting. It will be interesting to see.

I'd love to start something locally again like we used to have with Crafting Angels, but my life has taken such a different direction since those days will several part time jobs filling every waking hour; but it might be nice to take off 2 hours once a month or so. Not sure who would come anymore... but I would definitely call it "Cheerful Hearts and Hands" as I love that name!

Well everyone have a wonderful week! Make it great!

HUG the ones you love,
Bev Q


Connie said...

Hi Bev, thank you for all the lovely crochet patterns. fyi, for your passwords, have you tried a password safe? Only have to remember the main password: Happy Holidays!

Gayle said...

We too are simplifing the holiday. PJ's for grand kids and FHE lessons for each family. I keep all my passwords and log in info in a little pocket address book. Hubby has his in MS Outlook. Stay safe in your travels and your time in SL.
Merry Christmas!

sethelwt said...

You have been an inspiration to me, with all that you have shared with the world. But the one I have enjoyed the most is the way you share the gospel. I was sort of raised in the church but more of a disfuntional family, so found this book that I would like you to read and share with your other readers so that we all can eventually be as strong and faithful as you are. "How I got this way and what to do about it" by Sterling G. Ellsworth. Thank you for all you share.