Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bev's Baby Clouds Booties

If you have leftover bulky weight yarn like Baby Clouds and would like to make newborn booties, here is a quick, yet pretty pattern for you to use. It's a lot like my Bev's VERY Easy Booties pattern. Makes an upsidedown T shape.

1 skein (6 oz) Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn makes about 6 pairs
Size K hook

Chain 17
Row 1: Dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each across. Ch 2 and turn. (Makes 16 dc including the first ch 3)
Row 2: Dc in the ch 2 base - so it looks like there are 2 dc in one stitch., then dc to the end on the row in each stitch. DON'T Ch 2, just turn. (17 dcs - since you must dc in that very last st!)
Row 3: Sl st in top of first 3 dc. Ch 2 to form a dc, then dc in each stitch across - leaving 3 sts unstitched. Ch 2 and turn. (12 Dcs)
Row 4: Dc in the ch 2 base - so it looks like there are 2 dc in one stitch, then dc in each dc to end of row. End off by cutting a yarn tail about 13" long, and pull through last stitch. (13 Dcs)

Fold bootie in half and stitch around seam. Turn bootie right side out, and fold down top row of the cuff.


If you have no place to send them, I can sure use them for UMC hospital in Vegas.

More info here:


Hugs and Happiness!


Anonymous said...

Great Bev :) I like making them and matching hats for preemies :)

Lulu said...

those are beautiful Bev..

bevq said...

Thanks Lulu and Renee. :)

Joy said...

I absolutely love these adorable little baby booties, I give them as baby shower gifts all the time along with this hat that I've posted on my blog,

Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for these booties using a loom? I really love your site and your blog.

bevq said...

Thanks 'Anon'- happy you like my blog and website! :) Booties like the Baby Clouds with a loom. I am sure you could do something similar, but for the loom I prefer this one:

and you can use baby clouds instead of 2 strands. :)

Anonymous said...

i know this is like four years old, so i hope youre still there to answer comments....
anyhow, im pretty new at crochet. im self-taught this past spring. i decided to learn when i became pregnant so i could make a bunch of cute stuff. i started with a couple blankets just to make sure i had the hang of a couple different stitches. but the other day i started moving on to bigger and better things. so i had to learn how to read a pattern. i made a couple hats using bulky weight yarn and im not as overwhelmed at reading a pattern as i at first had been. but i just tried to work this pattern and got a little confused... i went from 17 sts to 14 sts. because i sl std 3. 17 minus 3 is 14. im not sure where im going wrong, since i should, according to your pattern, have 12 sts. im thinking maybe when i chained 2, i was supposed to skip 2 more sts then? im really lost... and yours is the only pattern i can find for bulky weight booties!!!! i hope youre still there to help... thank you.

bevq said...

I will make a pair tonight 'anonymous' and correct it if I added it wrong. You are basically making a T shape and then folding it to form a bootie. Also, here it is on my actual website:

bevq said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for replying! The images in the link helped me enough to know I definitely screwed up somewhere. :b I'll try your pattern again tomorrow. I didn't end with a t shape, I ended up with something more like everybodys least favorite Tetris piece! :b -kaytie

Heather said...

Aww Bev, these are so sweet, I'm sure they will go down well at baby showers.