Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mitten-along PART 2

Part 2

Today we will start the thumb:

Work the same as we have been to make the cuff:

Single crochet in 7 stitches, slip stitch the 3 stitches for the wrist and single crochet just 5 stitches of hand.

Now, chain 12 (this will become the thumb) then fold the mitten in half lengthwise and join with a single crochet to opposite side of mitten (meaning- join in the 5th single crochet up from the wrist) See photo to left.

Now work back down toward the other cuff - 4 more single crochet, one in each of the next 4 stitches of the hand, slip stitch in next 3 stitches (wrist), and 7 single crochet in last 7 stitches for cuff. Chain 1 and turn.


More later...




elva said...

I would like to donate lots of yarn and material remnants. I am unable to do anymore sewing or crocheting due to hand surgery. Please let me know if you can use it.


bevq said...

Hi Elva
I would be honored to accept it if you don't have like a local senior center who can use it?
Thank you for your offer--it will be used to help others. I am getting ready to have a humanitarian booth at the County Fair and I will be teaching people to tie quilts and how to loom knit hats for humanitarian.

My mailing address is:
Bev Qualheim
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427

Anonymous said...

I have never done mittens before, do you have an easy pattern for me to try?

bevq said...

Hi Renee
This is about as easy as they come for mitten patterns.

Feel free to ask questions as we go along. I am trying to take some photos as I go through each part too.


Anonymous said...

Ok I will try it, where is part 1 located?