Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Is anyone still with me?
Today we are finishing up that first mitten! YEAH!
... tomorrow you will learn how to add a coat string for younger children, if you wish!

Part 4
FINISHING: If you have not done so already, cut a 15" yarn tail.

Thread your yarn tail onto a yarn needle.

Fold your mitten in half lengthwise & sew around matching stitches on one side of the mitten with the other side. (See the photo)

As you sew the tip of the thumb or top of the mittens, run the needle and yarn under the few top stitches across to the other side, pull slightly. This will gather the top a tiny bit.

Continue sewing down the other side.

Now this is where you can take a bristle hair brush and gently brush the inside of the mitt to make it slightly fluffy.

Turn right side out. *See photo

Extra Cuff: Single crochet around the cuff for 2 or 3 rounds. Single crochet in every other 'ridge' around the 1st time to make the wrist tighter. (This will cut your number of stitches in half)

Make another mitten the same.
See you tomorrow!!

HUGS-- stay warm! and hug those teenagers wandering through your fridge!


Anonymous said...

Im trying, :( I think I got them too small for Jacopbs had

bevq said...

The great thing about these mittens is that you can make them any size you want. Just adjust the number of stitches for each part. Write them down if you need bigger. Could be you crochet much tighter than I do too. Maybe a larger hook?

I really appreciate your sticking with me making these Renee'!

Keep in mind that if they are too small someone in the world can use those mittens. And this was your practice pair! Hang in there. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok Im with you, I made it too small for Jacob but I went ahead and finished this one mitten.
I messes up a little on the cuff, though :( when I finish this step i will send you a pic :(

Anonymous said...

Ok bev here ius my sad mitten :(


bevq said...

That's just right! Not sad at all!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

the mitten fit the cuff was too short :(

bevq said...

How about if you single crochet around and around the cuff for a few rows to make it longer?

Next time you could also do like 10 sc for the cuff part. Easily adjustable.

Nancy said...

I love your blog. My brother and sister-in-law had a stillborn baby last January. To commemorate her birthday I thought about crocheting something to donate and I found your patterns and blog. I am really an amateur but I think I might be able to make a hat. I am grateful for the information you have provided and for the list of hospitals and centers to donate too. I sew better than I knit of crochet and was wondering if you know of places that accept baby quilts or other sewn items. Thanks.

bevq said...

Hi Nancy
I'm happy you found my blog and website and want to use the things you find there to help others.

UMC Vegas (the county) hospital is my hospital of choice near us-- Suzanne is great to work with.

They can use baby quilts, any sewed items for a layette for newborns would be really welcomed!

You can read more info here:

Also, here in Overton, there is Cappalappa-- they need baby diapers--cloth, sewed. Their info is on that page too.