Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New year everyone!
I thought we would start the 2010 off by having a mitten-along! If you would like to join us, all you need to do is grab some yarn and a hook and join along making them step by step.

For anyone who would like to participate in a mitten-along, step by step making a pair of crocheted mittens. You can join me on my blog later today with step one.

I thought we would start out with my Marvelous Mitts pattern since I am really familiar with it and can answer questions!

You will need an ounce or 2 of worsted weight (Red Heart Classic works great!) or even a bulky yarn, and a G or H hook depending on how tightly you crochet, although if these are for charity they will fit someone. :)


Bev's Marvelous Mitts for 5-7 year olds:

Make a chain of 55 (5-7years)

Row 1:
* Single crochet into next 7 chains to form the cuff.
* slip stitch next 3 stitches for the wrist, now s
ingle crochet in next 15 stitches for hand, slip stitch next 4 stitches for top,
* single crochet in next 15 stitches for hand, slip stitch next 3 stitches for wrist, single crochet in next 7 stitches for cuff, chain 1 to turn all rows.

Row 2:
(you will be going into the 2nd chain from hook and into back loops ONLY -see photo to right)
* single
crochet into each single crochet and slip stitch in each slip stitch of previous row.
* Repeat Row 2 for desired width of hand (usually 5 ridges for kids, more for adults).

(If you need a place to send mittens please send them to the address on this page: )


HUG the ones you love!



kadezmom said...

Hey Bev!!!! I'm thinking about joining you....apparently 4 new projects today is NOT enough *grin*

However, do you have an address of a charity you'd suggest if I don't run into one of my own (ie our Clothesline decides not to take them?)


bevq said...

5 is the magic number!! ;)

If you don't have a place to send them, I can accept them--hoping to make it to BYU Women's Conference in April and I will take them there.

IF I can save enough to go then I will take them to Dixie Care and Share Shelter in St George. I am hoping to have a booth at the County Fair again and will display any I receive there to encourage others to make them to help others.

My address is on this page:

kadezmom said...

I'm all in!! Will pull out the crochet hook after dark. This is going to be one fun Janurary! Thanks

Anonymous said...

:) Happy New Year :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I want to join in but how would i adjust this for a 13 year old boy?

bevq said...

You can see the full pattern on this page.

I decided to just do the one size for the mitten-along to make it easy on the beginner of this pattern.

Kolob 3rd Ward said...

I don't have questions about the mittins themselves, but would like to see how you brush the inside. What kind of brush do you use? Doesn't it grab the yarn and pull it making a mess?

bevq said...

I used to use a brush with bristles, not the plasticy ones, but real harder bristles. There is a name for them, but I can't think of it right now and neither can my hubby.

I just brushed it gently till it made it soft inside. I did that with the mittens I made my sons years ago, and I was using Red Heart yarns I am sure.

Anonymous said...

ok here i go to start them :)
wish me luck lol

N. Maria said...

I'm sorry I missed the very start but it looks like I can catch up! I'm mainly a knitter but lately have been in the mood to crochet.
I have lots of wool, so....