Saturday, January 30, 2010

The whole mitten-along on one page!

As promised- here is the mitten along on one page from start to finish: ENJOY!!


Bev's Marvelous Mitts for 5-7 year olds:
Make a chain of 55 (5-7years)

Row 1:
* Single crochet into next 7 chains to form the cuff.
* slip stitch next 3 stitches for the wrist, now s
ingle crochet in next 15 stitches for hand, slip stitch next 4 stitches for top,
* single crochet in next 15 stitches for hand, slip stitch next 3 stitches for wrist, single crochet in next 7 stitches for cuff, chain 1 to turn all rows.

Row 2:
(you will be going into the 2nd chain from hook and into back loops ONLY -see photo to right)
* single
crochet into each single crochet and slip stitch in each slip stitch of previous row.
* Repeat Row 2 for desired width of hand (usually 5 ridges for kids, more for adults).

(If you need a place to send mittens please send them to the address on this page: )

Part 2

Today we will start the thumb:

Work the same as we have been to make the cuff:

Single crochet in 7 stitches, slip stitch the 3 stitches for the wrist and single crochet just 5 stitches of hand.

Now, chain 12 (this will become the thumb) then fold the mitten in half lengthwise and join with a single crochet to opposite side of mitten (meaning- join in the 5th single crochet up from the wrist) See photo to left.

Now work back down toward the other cuff - 4 more single crochet, one in each of the next 4 stitches of the hand, slip stitch in next 3 stitches (wrist), and 7 single crochet in last 7 stitches for cuff. Chain 1 and turn.


Part 3:
Next Row: Single crochet in 7, slip stitch in next 3. sc in 5 to thumb chain, single crochet in next 5 chains (forms one side of thumb),
- slip stitch next 2 stitches, (this forms top of fingers)
- single crochet in remaining 5 stitches of chain (other side of thumb),
- finish in pattern down toward wrist again.

Repeat last row 3 times to form the thumb, working in the single crochets and slip stitches.
End off leaving enough yarn to sew completely around mitten.
(This is what is should look like when you are done with today's crocheting).


Part 4
FINISHING: If you have not done so already, cut a 15" yarn tail.

Thread your yarn tail onto a yarn needle.

Fold your mitten in half lengthwise & sew around matching stitches on one side of the mitten with the other side. (See the photo)

As you sew the tip of the thumb or top of the mittens, run the needle and yarn under the few top stitches across to the other side, pull slightly. This will gather the top a tiny bit.

Continue sewing down the other side.

Now this is where you can take a bristle hair brush and gently brush the inside of the mitt to make it slightly fluffy.

Turn right side out. *See photo

Extra Cuff: Single crochet around the cuff for 2 or 3 rounds. Single crochet in every other 'ridge' around the 1st time to make the wrist tighter. (This will cut your number of stitches in half)

Make another mitten the same.

Here you go! The final thing you can do for those mittens, IF you want to. Works well so little ones don't keep losing their mittens!

Part 5
COAT STRING for young children's mittens
Join yarn to one cuff at seam stitches and then sc around entire cuff.

* make a ch about 2-2 1/2 feet long and join with sl st to other mitten at seam.

* Sc around that mitten too, and you now have a string to thread mittens through coat. Cut a 4" tail, thread onto a needles and weave tail through the inside of the mitten.

For extra warmth, use double yarn and brush the inside of the mitten with a hair brush to make it 'fuzzy' and soft.


For other sizes to make click here

THE END!! Time to make more! :) HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!!



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