Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bev's Country Cottage- change is in the air!!

I have been updating my main page at Bev's Country Cottage, and am looking for some honest feedback. What do you like? Do you miss anything that was on the old page?
If you hate it, it's ok to tell me! Really, be constructive, I can take it.
I also added a 'READERS FEEDBACK' in the dropdown menu. It's for people to email me comments about the website, how they have used the patterns, etc.

I'd love to have a forum on there, but just am not sure how to create one actually ON my site, not one people leave the site to go to.

I am also thinking of having a 'HOW TO KNIT' page and a "HOW TO CROCHET' page, with links to tutorials, abbreviations on site, links to you-tube videos for various techniques... anything else you would like to see? I want to bring the readers back. It's not growing and it's time to change that!! :)

Thoughts? Feedback?



Corene said...

The page is very convenient for Droid users. I clicked on the pull down menu and the links popped up and were easier to navigate than a regular pull down. (This is hard to explain).
I did not realize how much there was to explore on your site. Great job!

bevq said...

Thanks Corene! I am not sure what DROID is, but I am glad my updates work well for you. There will be more coming soon. :)

Marla said...

Hi again Bev,

One more suggestion... I really like the current cream color on the blog along with the country cottage picture... why not use something similar (or any other light color) for your main website index page??

have fun!!


Neicee said...

Bev, I honestly love it! Your an awesome person and I love your blog and your Country Cottage. I have been going there for years. Neicee


The Estrogen Files said...

I have enjoyed your site for years and wanted to thank you for it. Since I didn't find a contact me on the site, here I am! Thanks again for what you have done.

I like the look of the homepage. The drop down menu is great!

theyarnproject said...

Hi there. I found you through a friend. I love your blog. It is very good. I love that there are so many people out there who knit/crochet.