Monday, May 24, 2010

Crochet Traditional Granny Square 5 Rounds

Make some granny squares and then share them with a charity who will make them into warm blankets:

Granny Needs



creativejewishmom/Sara said...

Hi Bev, I just made a baby sweater using your hexigon granny pattern as the's brilliant, can't wait to show you the gorgeous results with cotton. In the meantime, do you know of any other patterns that are created in a similar way such that you only need to sew a few seams afterwards? Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bev- I've been searching for an email link to you but couldn't find one so this is the only way I found to contact you. I am searching for the diaper pattern for the LDS newborn kits. I am making diapers for a community center and liked that one B4, but the link doesn't seem to be there anymore. Can you help? Many Thanks