Thursday, June 17, 2010

Osmond Colors Children Project - Winter 2010

I have this on my website too but decided this would be a good place to post the info as well, and get even more people involved!!

"Osmond Colors Children's Project 2010"

♪♫ Baby It's COLD Outside! ♪♫


Well, it isn't cold right now, but it will be soon and this little project is for Osmond fans and other crafters to knit and crochet items for CHILDREN ~ warm hats, scarves and or mittens in, you've got it, OSMOND COLORS from the 1970's!!

Back in the 1970's the Osmonds wore outfits and scarves that reflected each of their colors back then.

Alan = Blue

Wayne = Orange

Merrill = Black

Jay = Green

Donny = Purple

Marie = Pink

Jimmy = Red

If you are a knitter or crocheter or loom knitter, you might be asking "How can I help?" It's easy! Simply *find a place near you who might need some warm hats, scarves and/or mittens for the kids this winter. Call them up and ask what their needs are or will be, find some yarn in fun Osmond colors-- choose your fave Osmond's color, or use all of them, needles or hooks and winter patterns and get started!

This project will run from June 20th - November 20, 2010!!!

Call your friends, get together, play Osmond records, and let's warm kids in need!

refer a friend Please tell others about this project! Let's warm the kids this winter.

Here are some ideas for places that might need what you make:

*Domestic Violence shelters, soup kitchens, inner city or your local elementary schools, foster care facilities and so forth. You choose.

Please email me with your name (first name and last initial), and state or country if you would like to join in and be listed. As you complete items feel free to email your ongoing totals to BEV. Please put Osmond Project in the subject line. Let's start helping kids today!


If you click on this link you will see who is participating and in what state or country!! Are you on there yet?

HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! And grab a little yarn today to make something to hug a child you don't know! ♥


deborah said...

hi bev!
i love the idea for this project, it's awesome :)

another idea: check out local indian reservations near you. churches on reservations often collect winter clothing for tribes. for example, browning united methodist church in browning, montana has a list of commonly needed items, near where i live. most native children are VERY poor and do not get the clothing they need. so don't forget them! :)

god bless,

Snowcatcher said...

Found you on Ravelry. This is a great idea for a project. I used to be a fan of the Osmond purple... Does that date me or what?!?

bevq said...

Snowcatcher! We might all be a bit dated if we are doing this project!! LOL!! So be it!
I was a big Donny fan back in the day. :)

Lulu said...

Bev, do you know of a good christian group on yahoo, that is uplifing and crochet/knitting involved?
iam so tired of fake, angry people on some group..