Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new place to help in Vegas

My friend Suzanne Fein, who used to be the volunteer supervisor for UMC hospital; is now retired but is still helping those in need. Her new project, soon to be charity, is 'VOLUNTEER ANGELS' and you can find information on it here:

Basically, she is collecting handmade and storebought items for preemies through seniors, but mostly items for children and babies. She will deliver them in person to several places in the Vegas area such as UMC Hospital, Safe Nest, Child Haven and the Salvation Army, as well as some residential homes for Senior Citizens.

Some of the items she needs are:
Preemie and newborn hats and booties, blankets, basic layettes, children's quilts, sweaters, new socks, hats, mittens, and more. Plus, lapghans for seniors, and afghans for them.

I am going to start making some 6" granny squares for them, and see if some of my friends here want to help with that and we can assemble them into seniors lapghans for Suzanne to deliver.

Please take a look at the page and see if there are any items you want to make to send to her.
And, if you need patterns, you know where to get them!

Hug the ones you love today! And reach out to help whoever may need you today!

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