Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit - Available at - feat. Br...


LDSVenus said...

ROTFLOL!!! I love that one, hehe. Hope you are doing well and have time for your knitting.

Anonymous said...

I love you Bev and I love your web site...but please let us leave politics out of things!

I personally like Obama and voted for him and still like him....I am offended by what you posted. I have never come here and bashed President Bush and never will. I honor and respect the office of President of the United States.... There are not many of US who would want that job or could do that job!

So can this "Christian" web site go back to being that..and let political digs go....after all our Lord and Savior Jesus forgave US ALL! Your web site supports heping the needy and loving each other - correct?

Cyn from Florida

bevq said...

I AM Christian which is another reason I am concerned about the current administration. This country was founded on Judeo Christian values, which are being undermined and stripped from us on a daily basis.
Sorry- I can't support a wishy-washy President who I feel has no clue what he is doing, besides turning this country into a socialist country, which it was never intended to be.
Wait till socialist medicine creeps in. I grew up in England under that nasty.
Since this is my blog and it is more than just crocheting and knitting you will see my views on here from time to time. It might be religious, or political, but I will stand up for what I believe is right.
If you want just crocheting and knitting, that's all good too, and that's on my website.
Make it a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

Bev, I respect that this is your blog. I respect your Mormon religion and I have had the honor of even sending some things to the LDS Humanitarian Center for the needy. When it comes down to matter what religion or political views we have...we are all Gods children saved by the Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Today with the internet being so prevalent in our modern many folks use it for their "own" politics.

It has been ""refreshing" to come here and browse and read and enjoy without politics. Truly the Christian spirit of helping others has always been here on your blog and website...I am saddened that you also, are now using your blog to promote your political views. With that being said...I humbly apologize if I have offended you for expressing my concerns on your blog.

Only For it is always... By His Grace

Cyn from Florida

bevq said...

Hi Cyn
I am not offended at all. Just want to be sure everyone knows that this blog is for my opinions, and not just for humanitarian crafting--that would be my website.

So if you come here, you might see my religious beliefs or political, especially when it's funny, or I feel strongly about something.
Just be warned. :)

Mary-Berth said...

Not "Christian" of you, Bev. Do you not know how many people are going without medical care because they can't afford it. I always have to laugh at the Republicans who claim to be Christian and then put the kabosh on any social programs that are meant to help. I thank my lucky stars that I woke up to the religious agenda.

bevq said...

I'm sorry you feel that way, and cannot see what is being done to this country.

I have lived under socialist medicine and it is NOT what you think it is. I still pray it doesn't happen here.

As for being republican, I am a Canadian who wants to become an American, and when I do I will vote for what I believe is right.

We have insurance... we pay over $1000 a month out of our hard earned cash for it. I am working 4 jobs to buy food and pay bills! We cannot afford to go to a dr. because we have a $5000 deductible. Right now if someone without insurance goes to the ER-- guess who pays for it? WE DO! Yet, I cannot go to an ER because it will cost me $500.

Most months, we don't have enough money to buy the food we need.
BUT, if this socialist agenda passes through, it will cost us, hard working people, even more money so the non- working can get to a dr. I don't have that luxury.

You do realize that part of this ill-advised agenda also states that if we don't have insurance we will be fined or go to jail? So people who cannot afford insurance can now end up in jail?

Oh yes, and how come the congress and all the upity ups in Washington don't have to be under the same socialist meds we will have to be under?

Please read the facts and don't listen to the left wing media...

Mary-Berth said...

Believe me, Bev. I am very well informed, and it seems to me that it is you who have been brainwashed by the FOX version of the truth. Consider that the problems you are having are not the fault of the current administration. President Obama was handed a patient who had been bleeding profusely for eight years. He got the bleeding to stop, but now people are expecting that patient to be up and dancing a jig. You complain about insurance, but yet you are closed to the idea of universal healthcare. That's strange.
I am very lucky to have a lot of material things, and I live by the philosophy of "To Whom Much is given, much is expected." I will happily pay more taxes if it meant that all my COUNTRYMEN were guaranteed healthcare.
I have wonderful Canadian friends who are horrified that we are not automatically covered. I have family living in IRAN, that's right....IRAN, who are completely covered.
Jail....well it is not quite that bad, but consider that parents are FORCED to send their children to school. Why don't you and the rest of the party of no see that as socialism?
Please open your mind, Bev and educate yourself.

bevq said...

I am very educated and have been prayerful about this.
We will have to agree to disagree on this issue.
Are we not both very happy to live in a country that allows us to have AND express differing points of view and beliefs? Make it a good day now.