Friday, July 30, 2010

Reminder--OSMOND Project still going.

Hi everyone!
Just a quick reminder that the Osmond Colors Project is still up and running! If you want to join us please go to the page listed above, and then click on the link there to let me know. I will need your first name, last initial and your state.

We are making winter items for our local shelters, public schools, domestic violence shelters, hospitals, you name it, for the kids out there!

These are tough times, and many adults are unemployed. By this winter their babies and children are going to need warm hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, blankets, whatever you see a need for in your area. Talk to people, see what is most needed. It might be that you live where it is warm, but you could make teddy bears, or cancer caps for those little ones. We can all help.

Now, get your Osmond colors yarn, and start knitting or crocheting, there is lots of time to make a lot of items.

Originally I decided that 1,000 items would be a great number, but let me tell you, after just a few weeks we are already 1/3 there! Can you believe that? Only a few people have reported in too. It's a miracle in the making every single day and I thank you for being so kind.

Here is a fun mitten pattern in several sizes that will work well for this:
Bev's Marvelous Mittens
This version copyright 1981- 2010 Beverly Qualheim. All Rights Reserved

Materials: size G or H crochet hook (depending on your own tension) and 2-3 oz of 4 ply worsted yarn or wool. If you use 100% wool, these mittens will felt when washed in hot water and dried in hot dryer so make them the next size up.

Chain 55 (5-7years) 63 (8-12 years) 77 (teen/adult years)

Row 1: Sc into next 7(7)(7) chs to form cuff, then sl st next 3 sts for wrist, sc in next 15 (19)(26) sts for hand, sl st next 4 sts for top, sc in next 15 (19) (26) sts for hand, sl st next 3 sts for wrist, sc in next 7 (7)(7) sts for cuff, ch 1 to turn all rows.

Row 2:
(you will be going into the 2nd ch from hook and into back loops ONLY -see photo to right)
, single crochet into each sc and sl st in each sl st of previous row.
Repeat Row 2 for desired width of hand (usually 5 ridges for kids, more for adults).

THUMB: Shape thumb: Keeping in sequence work cuff, wrist and 5 (6) (6) sts of hand. Ch 12 (14) (14), fold the mitten in half and join with a sc to opposite side of mitten (meaning- join in the 5th, 6th sc up from the wrist) See photo opposite.
Now work back down toward cuff - 4 sc (5 sc) (5 sc) in next 4 (5) (5) sts, sl st in next 3 sts (wrist), and 7 (8) (8) sc in last 7 (8) (8) sts for cuff. Ch 1 and turn.

Next Row:
Repeat pattern to thumb, at thumb - sc in next 5 chs (6 chs), sl st next 2 sts, (this forms top of fingers) sc in remaining 5 sts (6 sts) (6 sts) of ch, finish in pattern down toward wrist again.

Repeat last row 3 - 4 times to form the thumb, working in the scs and sl sts. End off leaving enough yarn to sew completely around mitten.

FINISHING: Fold mitten in half & sew around, as you sew the tip of the thumb or top of the mittens, run the needle and yarn under a few sts and then across to the other side, pull slightly. Turn right side out.

Extra Cuff: Sc around the cuff for 3 rounds. Sc in every other 'ridge' around the 1st time to make the wrist a bit tighter. (This will cut your number of sts in half)

Make another mitten the same.

COAT STRING for young children's mittens
Join yarn to one cuff at seam stitches and then sc around entire cuff, make a ch about 2-2 1/2 feet long and join with sl st to other mitten at seam. Sc around that mitten too, and you now have a string to thread mittens through coat. For extra warmth, use double yarn and brush the inside of the mitten with a hair brush to make it 'fuzzy' and soft.
Hug the ones you love today!

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