Monday, October 04, 2010

Continue in Patience

I needed this today, so badly. Our bills have been mounting. I am paying them off as I can, but it just never seems to get better, and we have more expenses coming up that I don't know how I will pay, but I will.
Somedays, it just all gets to be too TOO much to handle. I cry to God, but ... nothing. I don't want to worry about finances anymore; it's been so many years, that I was thinking instead of saying 'for richer, for poorer' in wedding vows, we should skip the richer part. ;)

I know, it will all be ok in the end. But for now, this short video, eased a little of the weight on my shoulders, soothed my heart, and dried my tears, so I hope by my posting it here, it will help someone else too.

God does love us. We must be patient, do our part, and be patient and not want the whole marshmallow right now!
Well, watch and you will see what I mean. :)


Patty Ann said...

Yep, this one has been calling out to me this week. I think I have some of the same problems. Oh well, I just keep thinking that this too shall pass away......
Hope all is better with you.

bevq said...

I think most of America has the same problems... at least all the people I know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. You are never alone,God is always with you. I'm a single Mom, and have been for 17 years.How many times have I hit the wall? Too many times to count.Breast Cancer last year put everything into perspective. All the part time jobs I worked, and a full time job,trying to keep up with the bills,WAS NOT WORTH IT! I can never get that time back I lost being with my girls. I'm against the wall again, with you. It will be OK, I will wait for the Bag of Marhmallows.

Tracy Timberlake said...

Oh Bev........I wish I could make you a hot cup of tea, wrap something warm around your shoulders, sit at your feet and pray with you. You have blessed me so much over the years and I feel so sad to hear your trouble. I have no words to offer that could make any difference but may our loving Father above hear and see you, reach down and comfort you and give you strength. Love Tracy (South Africa)