Saturday, May 14, 2011

Would you like to help VOLUNTEER ANGELS?

Good morning everyone!
I wanted to tell you of a new website that my friend Susanne Fein has put together:

It's pretty basic but I talked to her on the phone last night and she is so excited about it, and LOVES to hear from people when they click the contact page and send her a message. She told me this is her whole life now and she wakes up so excited to be helping all the different places in Vegas, and not just UMC although she loved that too.

I asked her what was needed most, and she said layette items... (for preemies, newborns, through toddlers) baby blankets, hats, booties, onesies, sweaters, baby lotion, washcloths, gowns, pacifiers, paper diapers, etc etc. AND... she would love to see more items for little kids (4-7 yr olds) --- blankets, new stuffed animals, handmade teddy bears, dolls- things like that.

But she told me she just loves getting packages from all of you. It makes her day! She can also use walker totes, lapghans, shawls, slippers for elderly-- basically just about anything you make she can find a home for it!

I have a website page for her too with links to patterns that might help you out:

Keep in mind that this is Vegas, and the temps are already in the 90s and soon to be 100s, so winter gear is not needed at the moment. I'm going out to see her this today as Mike has an appointment for work near Vegas, and we are making a side trip over to see her and she is SO excited and so am I! I have 8 stuffed garbage bags to bring to her!!!!!!! Stuff that you guys made fore the fair! Wait till she sees all of it!

Well, have a wonderful day. I am off to walk the pooches! :)



graceunderpressure said...

8 bags?!?!?!? Wow - I'll bet she was blown away. This is awesome, and it's amazing how energized we become when we can use our gifts to help others. <3

bevq said...

And I'll tell you, crafters are some of the most kindhearted, generous people on the planet! I still have 2 full garbage bags of donated granny squares that we are making into lapghans for Volunteer Angels! It's so wonderful!