Sunday, June 12, 2011

New ETSY shop for Bev's Country Cottage

Good evening
Bev's Country Cottage is happy to announce a brand new ETSY shop!  I hope you and your friends will visit often!
 Ideas for more items to make and add would be appreciated!

There are just 4 items in there for sale right now, but I am hoping you will pass this link along so others can watch as the shop grows.

I am working on creating some patterns to sell in the shop too, as I think they will sell faster than the clothes.  Also wanting to work on some special booties that I sold back in the 80s and 90s made out of fleece. And some hair pretties would be lovely!  They look so cute in little girls hair, so I did add some of those.

Anyhow, enjoy the shop, any ideas for items to sell, thoughts, creative criticism would be much appreciated. Love ya!

My daughter Katie just went for a walk to the cemetery to place some flowers on our friend's graves.  I think it brings her a bit of peace.  She put one on my friend Ruth's grave and that means a lot to me.  Sometimes I miss Ruth a whole lot!  She was a dear friend...

Well the sun is setting and the earth is glorious and peaceful here in the desert.  The Lord is mindful of all of us, each of us.  He knows what we are going through, and what we need.  As we turn to Christ, we will feel inner peace even amidst total turmoil.  He is there.

HUGS and good night all!

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Bev Q
BRAND NEW Bev's Country Cottage Shop

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