Saturday, August 27, 2011

Women's Ribbed Slipper PATTERN by bevqual on Etsy

This PDF file pattern is unique, and the slippers are super fun to crochet and to wear! They stretch to fit several sizes too which makes it wonderful for gifts! Should just about fit any lady or teen on your list! I also know many nursing homes would appreciate receiving these warm slippers.

You can also make them to sell at bazaars and craft shows this fall!  Pattern cost is $4.50 worldwide, sent via email.



Anonymous said...

I am looking for a charity where my Mum can contribute. She does not have very good health but LOVES to knit. Although she is an expert, her neurological issues with the eyes restrict the amount of strain that she can out on her eyes. But I think she can easily knit simple scarves or baby blankets. Can you suggest a starting point?

bevq said...


I have some for several countries and places that she may want to help. Or call your local hospitals and see if they need handmade items.