Monday, January 16, 2012

My daughter and Costa Rica

My daughter Katie is signing up for a Youth Volunteer program so she can go to Costa Rica this summer to help children there. She has thoroughly researched the program and is so excited.

She needs to earn/fundraise about $3500 to be able to go.
Does ANYONE on here have fundraising ideas to share? She is 17, and has a part time job, but that isn’t going to quite cut it so fundraising is what we need to do.

You can find her blog and the program information here:

Fundraising ideas we have so far are:
Yard sale
Bake sales
paypal on her blog
cleaning houses
car washing

If you can think of other ideas that would be great!



Deborah Jennings said...

Why not put some donation cans out at the places that you go to. Put her picture and what she is wanting to do on it. If perchance she doesn't raise enough money to go, she can always donate it to that cause. That would be a win win situation.

One more idea, if someone has a quilt to donate to have an auction for it.

bevq said...

Thanks Deborah :)

Hartyboys said...

Maybe she could organise a silent talent auction with her friends. The post a list of things the will do e.g. wash windows, cook dinner for 4 and the people place a bid on a piece of paper with their contact details and the highest bidder wins. My children have done this through school and it has worked really well.
All the best with the fund raising

jo said...

How nice of your daughter to make this trip! Such a worth while cause. Have your daughter solicit small businesses in the area (write up a letter explaining exactly what she is doing) and request support. Then ask your local town newspaper to feature your daughter, as a human interest story, and tell what she is doing. As a bonus to the supporting businesses, they will get mentioned in the article ("thanks to the support of 'Joe's Pizza Place' and 'Mary's Market', Katie was able to make this trip", etc.). I wish your daughter the best!

Anonymous said...

She could offer to tutor younger children in a school subject. Good luck with fund raising.

njhou said...

Write a letter about where she wants to go and why and put the letter with a sign up in the various coffee/break rooms where y'all work. Have her and her friends make 'friendship' bracelets even a Costa Rica Bracelet Party with costa rica colors using base beads and embroidery thread unless she and her friends are quite crafty ...and sell them for a reasonable amount Best wishes !

Anonymous said...

I just love the old fashioned cotton loop pot holders. Could she make some and sell them? There is a young girl on Etsy who sells them for a clean water project and is doing well (no pun intended.)

Mrs T-W said...

Pet sitting for people away on vacation. Running errands. Ironing. Asking people to donate prizes (unwanted gifts or homemade items like baked goods or crocheted or knitted items) or businesses to donate a voucher, small gift basket of their products, or a box of chocolate for a raffle (good PR for them as long as you make sure to plainly state who what and where with the company's name) and you can get cheap raffle books quite easily. Do a sponsored walk, run, swim, bookathon, jump rope skipping, etc. Do an old fashioned movie night or games evening with simple homemade but inexpensive refreshments for an admittance fee. Or when the weather is warmer, a BBQ with face painting and homemade 'carnival' games like bean bag toss, throwing darts at balloons, etc in your back yard. Winners would get a piece of candy or balloon or homemade small beanbag. Each game costs a small amount and maybe a small admittance fee per family or person. A lot of these would be dependent on your family and friends donating their time. (For a worthy cause!) And would need to be planned well ahead and advertised. Best of luck.