Thursday, March 22, 2012

Egg cozy anyone?

This is my latest pattern posted on etsy...  It's for an adorable sock yarn egg cozy to knit up in a jiffy!  Takes scraps of yarn basically, a few yards will make one or tie together all kinds of ends and pieces of sock yarn and knit away!

I am on an 'etsy' push as I need money for BYU Women's conference!  ;)
I say it every year, but I REALLY need a time to relax this year.


Sharon GARDNER said...

Very cute!

michelle said...

that is cute!

Allie said...

I sincerely love your pages. I learned crochet 20 years ago (I am 31) and took it up again when I quit smoking. My husband joked that our home might be crocheted into a cozy! I have learned so many stitches through and found that I can do a lot more. Knitting is a work in progress. You have a fan with me!

Linda said...

Soooo cute:))