Thursday, January 03, 2013

6" Granny Squares anyone?

PLEASE share this post/link with your crocheting and knitting friends.
We are making and collecting, all year long, hundreds of 6" granny squares for "CRAFTING ANGELS" so we can make lapghans for seniors in a nursing home in Vegas.  This nursing home has over 100 residents and they need a lot of lapghans. 
(48 squares makes one lapghan - but you are welcome to send 1, or 5, or 100!)

ALL colors, knitted or crocheted, in washable, worsted weight, no wool, are welcome!!

All kinds of granny squares too. Here is a basic pattern though:
Squares can be mailed to:
Bev Qualheim
PO Box 427
Logandale NV 89021-0427 USA

 (Photo-- several lapghans and an afghan-- but it shows the variety of squares we would love to receive)


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