Saturday, April 06, 2013

General Conference!

Good morning!
I am so excited!  LDS General Conference is today and tomorrow!  We will receive great advice, counsel and helps for living a more Christ-like life from the inspired talks that will be given in the next 2 days!

You can watch it live online if you don't have BYUTV (9403 on DISH)

We live in a world of confusion with wars, and threats of wars, moral values are twisted, with conflicting voices shouting at us all day long.  I am so very grateful we have General Conference to uplift us, and cheer us on to choosing the right.
Even if you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons), YOU will love the messages of true joy, of what really brings lasting happiness in this world and the next.  Please join me.

I will be listening, taking notes as the Holy Spirit directs me, and making things for humanitarian while I watch.
I am making some of these today-- easy and fun!

Hug the ones you love!


Anonymous said...

Bev, can you tell me how to make the baby beanie on Bev's (newborn roundie)Hats, Hats, Hats page for an older baby between 6 and 10 months? I made it for a newborn and mom loved it and wants one for the baby now that she is older. Thank you! Connie ( if you need to respond that way.

bevq said...

How lovely! Give me a bit, and I will figure out how many sts and rows you will need. I will post it at the bottom of the HATS HATS HATS pattern page. HUGS Bev