Saturday, August 24, 2013

Helping Syrian children refugees

There is a brand new page at BEV'S with a simple knitted pattern to knit 8" squares and a newborn hat to make for LILY to help the Syrian Refugees. 

 Photo by UNHCR/A. Branthwaite

The gal in Jordan is also accepting newborn/baby hats, booties etc.  Mostly they need the 8" squares though, knitted or crocheted, acrylic yarn is fine.

Even if you can only afford to send one or two, it will help SO much!  

As of yesterday, there are now approx. 1 million Syrian Refugee children who have seen terrible things already, and will soon be suffering because of the cold.  Please do all you, and your friends can do, to help.  If a group of you could get together, and each chip in say $5 you could send quite a few squares or baby hats. 

If you just can't mail overseas, please make some of these items to help your local hospitals and shelters.

Hug the ones you love, and tell them how much you love them today! ♥




Sue said...

I don't have acrylic, but I do have a ton of wool. Would that be appropriate/acceptable? If not, I can go buy some acrylic - no worries! Thanks for posting about LILY. I wasn't aware of this organization.

bevq said...

Here is what it says on her FACEBOOK page:
"Squares Needed: 8” x 8” (20 cm x 20 cm) Knitted or Crocheted or woven. (we will make good use of any size but 8'' is best)
Any Design, Any Colour, but Straight Edge please.
Acrylic if possible (or whatever you have in your stash!)
When sending squares could you please enclose:
Your Name & Your e-mail address so I can let you know I've received them. Thanks"

So I am guessing 100% wool would be fine. I would suggest marking each one with a tag that states it's 100% wool so they don't get mixed in with acrylic which would not wash the same. :) Thanks for offering to help these little ones. The photos are heartbreaking. They need so many more squares, please spread the word, and perhaps your friends can help you pay for postage etc. That's what I am hoping. I can't stand the thought of any little child being cold at night. Many have lost their parents and siblings too.... it's all so heartbreaking.

But :) we can do so much good even with ONE square! I have had a square on my needles non-stop since I found out about this cause.


Mary Doukakis said...

Thank you for sharing this important message you have the woman's facebook page name? I'd like to spread the message too! Anything we can do for those poor innocent kids...

bevq said...

Hi Mary, the link is under her LILY group name, if you click on it it should send you to her FB page.