Saturday, August 09, 2014

Knit and cook up a Spa Kit!

Brand new instant download, knitting pattern from Bev to knit spa cloths, face cleansing pads and bath salts--all in one! Only $2.50 for all of this fabulous info!

Everyone deserves a 'spa day'! Create your own using these beautiful hand knitted spa cloths that you knit using Bev's easy PDF pattern. 

Now, these cloths and face pads are not your run of the mill, kitchen cotton cloths, but are made using 2 strands of #10 crochet cotton held together. (This is the type of cotton used to make snowflakes, and doilies.) Holding 2 strands together, with size 6 needles, makes a soft, drapey, cloth.  Combine fun colors and create a soft, gift for everyone on your gifting lists this year!

I've even made some for new grandbabies! Love them!

They are a welcome gift for friends and family, but be sure to knit a set for yourself to use too.

You not only get a pattern for a full sized spa cloth, but you also get a pattern for making gentle face-cleansing pads, AND, a recipe for fabulous bath salts!

As with all of Bev's patterns, you are welcome to sell any items made from them in craft shows and so forth.


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