Saturday, September 30, 2006

Conference Mittens!


I'm back! I picked up a nasty little cold-thing from my daughter, and have really not felt much like posting on here. Still don't but decided it was time.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is holding its semi-annual General Conference this weekend, and the first couple of sessions were on earlier today. It was wonderful, listening to wise counsel and advice and learning how to become more like the Savior, Jesus Christ, while I crocheted some mittens for needy children. I got 2 pairs finished up last night and today. I used one strand of regular worsted weight yarn leftovers, and 1 strand of plain red sock yarn for extra warmth and they turned out really nice and toasty. One pair was made with pink and the red, and the other was sort of maroony colored with the red. These will be given to LDS Humanitarian to send out where they are most needed.

My daughter was digging through my old cedar chest today, and we found THE hat that started it all!! Seriously, this is the hat that someone knitted for my first premature baby, Shaun, back in 1980! It was placed on his little head in the LaCarosse Lutheran Hospital eds ICU. This little hat brought me hope and really pushed me into making items for other preemies. Notice the pompom is totally ragged and mostly gone now, but it brings back amazing memories for me.

That's how the whole newsletter came about, that I did composed and edited back in the 80's and 90's and then the Country Cottage pages, first on, and then on my own domain

One hat can make ALL the difference and lead 1000's of people to do good in this world. This little hat is proof of that. =) Never underestimate how much good one little act of kindness can do.

We have our living room set up for General Conference, which maybe sounds peculiar, but it's the way the Qualheims are! We have air matresses, sleeping bags, pillows and homemade quilts all over the floor- and I mean ALL OVER. You can't move really. The kids lay there to watch Conference. It's quite cozy. I sit in my recliner, taking notes, and crocheting. I might knit tomorrow.

I am still working on my thoughts for next years Charity Challenge. I was thinking of making a certain number of pairs of mittens for kids. I'd love to make 500 but that is really nuts - it would mean doing almost nothing else but making mittens like I did that year when I made 500 pairs of booties. Mittens however take hours to make, not 20 minutes.

Maybe making 100 pairs of mittens is more reasonable???? I am still thinking about it mind you.

As I was watching Conference, I felt this overwhelming feeling that there will be many more people in need of handmade warm items next year, and I need to really get focused. What a great opportunity we have been given to reach out to others by using our talents for something we LOVE to do - knit, crochet, sew etc. It never ceases to amaze me at the doors that are opened for me in this life. When I was totally bedridden expecting babies, I used the time to learn to read crochet directions and practice doing that. It helped the months pass quickly, well, that's how I remember it looking back 20 years now!

Since the cooler weather, and cold season is coming ever closer, I thought I would share my fave soup to make. It's one my mom used to make but I adapted it a bit. Hope you family love it too!!

Bev's Hamburger Soup
In large pot, brown 1 lb of hamburger meat, drain off any fat.
Add 1 c. chopped onion
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1/2 Tbsp salt
a few shakes of ground pepper
1 beef bouillon cube
1 large chopped tomato
3 large peeled, and cut up potatoes
3 large carrots, peeled and chopped
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 cup frozen peas
Place all the ingredients in the pot with the meat, fill with water to about 1" from the top, and gently cook for a couple of hours. This can also be placed in a crockpot and cooked on medium all day.

Michael will be home later tonight and I can't wait. Wish we were all a bit more healthy, but, hopefully he won't catch it overnight. Well, I have a sinkful of dishes that are calling my name! What a mess... we have not been cleaning too much today like we usually do on Saturdays! Oh well, I have a bit of time before Mike walks in.

Talk to you later!! HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE! and remember Families really can be together forever.

Bev Q


Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Anyone joining me in making my BLOGSCARF? Here is the info? I need some of you to work along with me, so I just keep it sitting here not worked on!!

It's VERY simple if you know how to knit at all.

I am using Size 10 wooden knitting needles.
The yarn is well.... whatever I can find in my stash. PLUS, and this is the important part, I am using 1 strand of plain colored sock yarn with a strand of 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I have the same color plain blue sock yarn going through the whole scarf so far, even though the other colors are varied. Makes all the different colored yarns 'tie' together. =)

Using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 25 stitches and knit away till it's the length you want, 4-5 feet long should be good and warm.


All you have to do is grab some of your yarn from your stash and your needles---and you really could use any size, just adjust the number of stitches so it is wide enough.

I have decided I am making it for the Dulaan Project - which you can see in my links to the right too. I finished a pair of crocheted wool mittens the other day, washed them and dried them in the dryer so they 'felted' up a tad and are warm and softer!

So a pair of mitts, a scarf and maybe a hat will all be sent there. Actually maybe even more than that as they look like they could use LOTS of warm clothes for all sizes... I have a sweater on the needles too that needs to be done!

This one was made by one of my Bev's Country Cottage readers,
"Karen "KC"" not by me.

Let's see what we, as readers of Bev's Blog, can do to warm the people of Mongolia!


Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Monday... Dishcloths

It's a love Autumn day here so I thought I would post in Autumn colors! This is my favorite time of year I have to admit. We don't really have Fall Colors here or anything, but the weather is cooler and you can go outside safely now.

I have been doing dishes this morning and looking at my ratty looking dishcloths now... I have a bunch of those knitted one that everyone loves... but it is time to make more. I am going to post some patterns...

The 1st one I adapted from an age old pattern to make it the size I want, the other 2 I just kind of made up to have easy cloths to whip up. I gave them away a long time ago and don't have photos, so if anyone wants to try to make the 2 without photos, and then email me a photo of either one or both, I would be thrilled!!


copyright Bev Qualheim 2003, 2006

Size 6 or 8 needles and 1 1/2 oz Aunt Lydias 'Denim Cotton'
Cast on 4 sts
K2, yo, k to end of row
Repeat until 50 sts on needle
K1, k2 tog, yo, k2 tog, k to end of row. (HINT: When you K2 together, be sure to go into the front of the sts and not the back. Just looks nicer.)
Repeat until 4 sts on needle
Bind off and weave in all ends. This looks pretty if you change colors, use up your scraps too!

Bathroom Knit Washcloth
copyright Bev Qualheim 1989

If you know basic knitting--you can make this washcloth in a jiffy! Great for presents too just add some pretty soaps and bath salts in a little basket!
Size 8 knitting needles
Crochet cotton--your choice of color

  • Cast on 3 stitches.
  • Row 1: Knit across row.
  • Row 2 Increase one stitch and then finish knitting across row. Repeat this row till you have 48 sts on needle.
  • Row 3: K to last 2 sts; k 2 together to decrease.

  • Repeat Row 3 till you are back down to 3 sts again. Cast off. Use a small crochet hook or a needle to weave in loose ends.

    Terrific Dishcloth to knit
    copyright Bev Qualheim 1989

    2 oz cotton yarn
    Size 8 knitting needles

    Cast on 34 sts.
    Row 1-4: Stockinette stitch--- one row knit, one row purl, one knit, one purl.
    Pattern stitch:
    Row 1: Knit 5, *k2 tog, yarn over, repeat from * to last 5 sts. K last 5 sts.
    Row 2: Purl 5, *p 2 tog, yarn over, repeat from * to last 5 sts, P last 5 sts.
    Rows 3 and 5: Knit across
    Rows 4 and 6: Purl across

    Continue in the Pattern Stitch until cloth is desited length--approx. 9" or so.
    End with 4 rows of Stockinette stitch.


    I have seen several blogs lately featuring the Dulaan project - sending warm knitted clothes to Mongolia and I am take in totally by how good this project looks, so I am joining in helping people find the info about it.

    I have links off to the right for you to click on! The BLOGSCARF pattern below, is one I will finish up for them. And I started some crocheted wool mitts. I am not certain I like the wool though as it is scratchy. I am going to make one, and then try to felt it and see if it will be wearable.

    Till later-- HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE


    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    Saturday is a PRETZEL day?!

    I just had this sudden urge this morning to make soft pretzels with the kids and friends. So they are rising in the oven. I would share the recipe since we combined 2 of them BUT I have no clue if they will be edible! We are now eating them and they're so so--- but they were fun to make!

    I also went into my closet today and found a scarf I started months ago and kind of abandoned so I decided it's time to work on it again. I've decided to just put this pattern on my blog so it will be

    BEV'S BLOGSCARF!! Go ahead and knit along with me!

    It's VERY simple if you know how to knit at all.

    I am using Size 10 wooden knitting needles.
    The yarn is well.... whatever I can find in my stash. PLUS, and this is the important part, I am using 1 strand of plain colored sock yarn with a strand of 4 ply worsted weight yarn. I have the same color plain blue sock yarn going through the whole scarf so far, even though the other colors are varied. Makes all the different colored yarns 'tie' together. =)

    Using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 25 stitches and knit away till it's the length you want, 4-5 feet long should be good and warm.

    I am not actually certain who I am making this scarf for right now.
    Likely it will be sent along with warm mittens to LDS Humanitarian. I know they have plenty of hats since that is everybody's favorite thing to make these days with those wonderful looms! If you want some free humanitarian patterns there are lots on their official website HERE!

    They do need mittens; and well, scarves just kind of go with hats and mittens! I will email one of the ladies at the Humanitarian Center in SLC again and see what current needs are for them and will let you know if you are interested in helping. The items we donate to LDS Humanitarian are sent worldwide after disasters, they are used locally in the SLC area for the homeless, they are shipped through various worldwide relief charities to reach victims.

    Tonight we have a womens potluck supper at Church at 5:30pm and then we will watch the General Relief Society Meeting at 7 pm. I am looking forward to that since I have been feeling a bit lonely lately without Mike around. I need adult company! =)

    Have a fantastic rest of the day!


    The Grand Tetons - July 2005

    Friday, September 22, 2006

    Much more upbeat!

    Good morning!
    I am much more upbeat today, after all it is Friday and I get to see my husband in 2 more day-- woohoo!! I am sitting here watching a show about felting on DIY and soon Knitty Gritty comes on and they are both great for relaxing.

    I found some links to add to this blog-- hopefully I can figure out how to do that again. I am still learning. Meanwhile, here they are on this actual message! I know that works. KNITFOROTHERS is the first one I found this morning. Really nice blog and they have a special knit -a-thon basically for 2 weeks around Thanksgiving.

    And the
    MOSSY COTTAGE blog has patterns, and info on the project where people knit for kids in Mongolia. Here is one for a warm, woollen vest for 3-4 year olds There are just so many great charity projects out there and the need never seems to be quenched-- it goes on and on and on-- giving all of us the opportunity to use our talents to help our Heavenly Father's children all over the world.
    I have some photos of my dogs to share today, and a couple from Crafting Angels meeting a couple of days ago... enjoy!

    They are into wrestling these days now that Cookie is bigger! She has grown so much in one week! Boots has the upper paw here, and Cookie does in the photo below! They are really enjoying each others company now. =)

    Here are photos from Crafting Angels this week. We got 80 newborn kits made if you can believe that! And we are planning to make some Christmas ones in November-- reds, whites and greens, for hats, vests, booties, and 32" square blankets, and some blue and white Hanukkah ones too.
    And we would LOVE some help from all of you want to help! Just let me know ok?

    We need 2 gallon 'ziplock' type bags if you have any to spare. =)

    This lady quilting is our wonderful Joye H-- who is my right hand woman for CA set ups and functioning these days!! In the background you can see some of the afghans Grandma Bingham has recently put together with squares sent by members of my Charity Challenge 2006 group!

    The weather has definitely cooled off here in the desert, as we are at 60 F or so in the early AM and only 80 or so later in the day. That might sound outrageous to you, but here it is sweet relief from the 115+ all summer. It's gorgeous.

    It does remind me though that the time has come to make knittens and so on for homeless shelters, the reservations, orphanages... I have patterns galore on this page:




    Here is an easy 2 needle mitten pattern that is featured on my site, but sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of so many pages! If you want to make some of those and don't know where to send them, Crafting Angels will get them off to LDS Humanitarian for you.
    Mail them to:

    Bev Qualheim
    (Crafting Angels - mittens)
    PO Box 427
    Logandale, NV 89021-0427

    (pattern by Bev Qualheim-copyright 1998 -2006)
    Sizes: Ages 6-8 (9-10) pattern made easier Dec 2005

    Bev's knit-mitts

    2 oz 4 ply yarn
    2 stitch holders and sewing needle.
    Knitting needles size 8
    Gauge: 5 sts = 1" 6 rows=1"

    CUFF: Cast on 28 sts. Work in ribbing of k1, p1 for 12 (14) rows.
    HAND: Row 1: inc 1 st in each of first 2 sts, k across, inc 1 st in each of last 2 sts - 32 sts.
    Row 2 and All even rows: Purl
    Row 3: K 15, place marker on needle, inc in each of the next 2 sts, place a marker on needle, k 15.
    Row 5: K 15, sl marker, inc in next st (increase by knitting into base of stitch), k2, inc in next st, sl marker, k 15. Continue to increase 1 st after first marker and before 2nd marker every k row until there are 12 sts between markers.
    Row 12 (14): P 16 (you will have to remove marker for the 16th stitch); sl those stitches to a holder, p 10 (12) (thumb); sl remaining 16 sts to another holder (removing the marker).
    THUMB: Work even for 6 (8) rows. K 2 tog across next row. Break yarn; leave end for sewing. Run yarn through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten. Sew thumb seam.
    Join yarn at beg of 2nd holder, p to end of row purling right off the holders back onto needles. Work even on 32 sts for 14 (16) rows.

    SHAPE TOP: Row 1: (k 2 tog, k2) 8 times. Row 2: Purl Row 3: (k2 tog, k1) 8 times. Row 4: Purl. Row 5: K 2 tog across. Break yarn; run through remaining sts and fasten.
    Make a 2nd mitten in the same manner. Sew up seams. Fasten mittens together with a safety pin please.


    Well, have a wonderful day and HUG THE ONES YOU LOVE!


    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    A bit on thieves!

    Sorry this is not too uplifting today, I promise I will be better tomorrow. But I need to get this off my chest.
    Yesterday, a couple of other website designers who have free patterns on their sites, emailed me to let me know of a foreign website who not only was stealing our patterns, but also stealing our bandwidth we have to pay for!

    It looks like an Arabic website so we have no legal recourse in the USA... at least not any I can afford. =(
    They were copying and pasting OUR PATTERNS to their site, and then they didn't save the photos, nope, they linked right into our directories and stole bandwidth so the photos would show up! That costs US MONEY!

    They not only stole one of my patterns, my pumkin hat, but several from women who had asked me to house their patterns on my site! Every time someone was going to their dispicable page, it was costing ME money.
    Sorry I am a bit frazzled over this.

    I have spent the last hour and a half searching through their patterns, finding the ones they stole from my site, changing all the names of the graphics, deleting the old photos, redoing them on MY pages and resending everything to my server.
    Can I just scream please? One little one!

    Good thing I went to the Temple this morning, or I would be wilder than I am trying to fix all this.

    Several website owners, including me, wrote to these people, only to have them block our emails and ignore us!

    They refuse to remove the patterns apparently. Well if nothing else, their photos from my site are not showing up now.
    Most of us are now talking about have a subscription/log in ONLY based pattern pages to prevent this in the future. I cannot afford to pay for someone else to benefit from all my hard work.

    I totally depend on people coming TO my site for patterns, so they will see Google ads that interest them and click on those, or they will buy yarn and books and such from the Affiliate programs I have on my pages. It's the only way I can keep up with expenses.

    Well, I feel better just spouting off a bit about that annoying site, and if you ever catch ANYONE on the web using my patterns, especially with my photos, please let me know. In American people usually just tell me they didn't know they could not do that, (even though it clearly states on every pattern you can't!) and they will remove them or provide a link to my site, but foreign countries could care less about our laws... it's a frustrating issue.


    On a brighter note, and you knew there had to be one somewhere in there =) I did it!

    I actually finished my Charity Challenge goal today and just completed my 300th item for charity this year. WOO HOO!!

    It's a little newborn loomed, reversible, Christmas hat.
    I did 15 rows in red and white held together, then 11 rows of 2 strands of white, and 15 rows of green and white held together. It's so cute!
    It's the first of several I want to do for UMC- for some Christmas kits we are going to put together in November. I want to do some in Hanuklah colors too, which I am pretty sure are blue and white.

    Correct me if I am wrong there, anyone. I want to do this right.
    I will try and post some photos tomorrow, as they are all on my camera right now. I tried posting one yesterday and blogger would not let me, even a tiny image would not download... it kept spinning around and around. Maybe someone else with blogger knows how to fix that?? =)


    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Crafting Angels is today!

    Good morning!
    I am sitting here finishing up one more little newborn vest-shirt for Crafting Angels today. I made 14 of them this month for the newborn kits for UMC. The one I am making this morning is really bright colored using the SImply Soft Brights- Pink and Orange. There are many Mexican families who have babies at UMC and I know these colors go over really well with most of them! I am not Mexican but I love bright colors too!

    I do have Mi'kmaq First Nation blood in me and perhaps that's one reason I love those colors?

    Just heard this on a BYU show called The Faith and Families Report in which they were talking about how we are all to be good stewards/caretakers of the earth.

    "Live Simply so that Others May Simply Live"

    Have a great day!

    Bev's Country Cottage

    Saturday, September 16, 2006

    I'm in a Christmassy mood!!!


    It is a special day in this home as Mike gets to come home to visit on weekends-- he tells me they have snow in the mountains in Richfield already. Brr-- but I do love snow!

    I was over at my friend Ruth's yesterday-- she is my partner for Crafting Angels, and she gave me a bunch of Christmas yarn. It is some brand I had never heard of 'WonderArt' Christmas knitting yarn 100% acrylic. It's not terribly soft. Kind of like Red Heart, so I am hoping it softens up after washing, as I am making it into preemie hats for the UMC county hospital in Vegas. I am setting a goal to get 25 of them knitted.

    I will post a pattern when I get one typed up-- it's really easy and done on 4 size 8 double pointed knitting needles. Done in knit 2, purl 2, so it will be stretchy. I have heard from hospitals that they love this pattern type for the babies. I am experimenting with different sizes and the one I am doing right now would fit maybe a 2-3 lb baby. I cast on 36 sts and am doing kn2, p2 for 4" I guess, and this is in the round of course so no seams. Still working on it but here is a photo. IF it softens up and works out, I will post a full pattern and better photo for you, along with the decrease rows.

    UPDATE at 9 pm -- I posted the pattern here... with some photos.
    Bev's Christmassy Preemie Hat

    If any of you have some Christmas yarn (or just Simply Soft red, white, or green colors) and want to help out making hats for preemies from 2 lbs to 5 lbs, you can go to this page for our mailing address for Crafting Angels. THANKS!


    They really have to be knitted to make them 'thin' enough and stretchy enough for delicate preemies heads. I just feel like getting a start on Christmassy things right now. I also need to get my kids ornaments made. I make them a new one each year and they each have their own boxes to take with them when they have their own homes and trees. =) I have 6 to make since I now have 6 children with my daughter in law Danielle. I really don't like the DIL term, as I think of her as being one of my daughters, sort of by 'adoption' although it's really by marriage. :)

    This year I am going to make them tiny snowmen using the thumb part of the mitten loom. I will post photos and directions when I get one done. Hopefully soon.

    Here is another photo of Cookie for you. She gets cuter every day! And has certainly come to life. We even took her for a little walk around the block this morning and she did so well. We only had to carry her a couple of times, otherwise she bounced along merrily on a leash. Good doggie!

    Take care all, and HUG the ones you love!

    Friday, September 15, 2006


    I have been digging through old recipes, searching online, I even dug open our packed box of cook books to find a recipe!

    It was for CORNISH PASTIES. I searched high and low and found nothing... Today, I was looking through old pattern books in a drawer and there was the recipe! I am so excited. I didn't want to lose it again, so I have posted it on my website and am going to share it here with all of you.

    When my sons were little their dad was on the road a lot as a Purina Sales Rep, and I made these pasties, little meat and vegetable 'pies' for us. Mike isn't a fan of them but we love them! I hadn't made them for years when I mentioned it to my youngest son Tim the other day, and he remembered them with much fondness as did I.

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am to find them. Here you go:

    Sturgeon Bay PASTIES
    4 c. sifted flour
    2 tsp salt
    1 1/2 c. shortening
    1/2 cup plus 2 TBsp cold water

    1 lb ground beef
    1 tsp salt
    1 1/2 c, chipped potatoes
    1/2 c minced onion
    1 c chipped carrots
    1 can cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup

    Mix flour and salt together in bowl. Cut inremaining shortening till particles are the size of peas. Add water, mixing with fork or hands. Shape dough into firm oblong with hands. Divide into 9 portions. Roll out each into 6" circle. Place on baking sheet. Place 1/2 cup filling on lower half of circle. Moisten edge. Fold upper half over lower half; seal by pressing edges together with fkoured fork. Bake at 400F for 35-40 mins.

    I hope we have some hamburger in the freezer so I can make these up real soon. They freeze and keep well too.


    Well it sure is windy here today! I've been really busy ironing hubby's shirts as he will be home later tonight! And over a a friends getting yarn for Crafting Angels which is Tuesday. I went over to Church to put that in our boxes, and to get stuff needed to start a 'Picture book' sample for others to look at.

    I am going to get off here now and finish up a newborn baby shirt-vest. Still would like to make a couple more of those before Tuesday. I'm getting there =)


    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    I know I am posting twice today....

    But it's my daughter's 16th birthday today and we are just having a lovely day! I was looking on one of my logs to see who has visited my site and how they got to my main page and I found someone has been working on Christmas items already! So... I thought I would post one of my snowflake patterns on here for you.

    One year I made a bunch of those and starched them with special 'starch stuff' called 'Stiffen' I think... that I got at a Ben Franklins or somewhere. Worked nice. I sprinkled some of those really fine glitter on them and they still look so pretty on the tree. Here you go== I am copying and pasting that right off my website, so hopefully the photo will show up. Not sure how that will work in a blog:

    BEV'S 15 minute SNOWFLAKE
    Copyright 1999-2003 Beverly A. Qualheim

    Make one to include in every Christmas card you mail next Christmas? Plus, after the holidays, you can hang several in your kitchen window, using suction cups and hooks.

    Size 8 steel crochet hook
    J & P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, Number 10 bedspread cotton --1 ball will make several
    Or for a larger snowflake - approx 6" diameter use white crochet kitchen cotton

    Ch 6, join with a sl st to form ring.
    Rnd 1: Ch 3, dc in ring, (ch 2, 2 dc in ring) 5 times; ch 2, join with sl st to top of beg ch-3.
    Rnd 2: Sl st in next dc and ch-2 sp, ch 3, dc in same sp, ch 2, 2 dc in same sp- first shell made; ch 1, (in next ch-2 sp make shell of 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc; ch 1) 5 times; join with sl st to top of beg ch-3.
    Rnd 3: Sl st in next dc and ch-2 sp, ch 3, work a first shell in same sp; (ch 5, sl st in third ch from hook-picot made; ch 2 shell in ch-2 sp of next shell)5 times; ch 5, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 2; join as before.
    Rnd 4: Sl st in next dc and ch-2 sp, ch 3, work a first shell in same sp, *(ch 5, sl st in third ch from hook) 3 times; ch 2, shell in ch-2 sp of next shell. Repeat from *4 times more, ch 2, join. Fasten off.

    Stiffen with Fabric stiffener that you can buy at Walmart or any crafts store, or mix equal parts white glue and water. You can dip the snowflake in this mixture, gently squeeze, and then pin to a piece of foam and let dry.

    Or you can find it here

    There are lots more patterns for Christmassy things on this page

    I also have Hanukkah items on this page for my Jewish friends:

    Take care!

    Sunday- the Sabbath??

    In my comments part of my blooger 'Anonymous' posted that Saturday is the Sabbath day... not Sunday. I know that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints we observe Sunday as the Sabbath Day. I did a little reserach, and wanted to post why we believe that and a little more info on the Sabbath Day itself.

    This information comes from the book 'Mormon Doctrine' by Elder Bruce R. McConkie., pg 658. I hope it helps explain why we believe as we do, although the most important part of the Sabbath is that is IS observed and kept Holy... a day when we set aside earthly activities and cares and worship God as we choose.

    There are links to scriptures you can look up too.

    Pursuant to divine command men are to rest from all temporal work and to worship the Lord one day in particular each week. This day — no matter which day of the week is involved — is called the Sabbath, from the Hebrew shabbath meaning day of rest. The rest, though important is incidental to the true keeping of the Sabbath. What is more important is that the Sabbath is an holy day — a day of worship, one in which men turn their whole souls to the Lord, renew their covenants with him, and feed their souls upon the things of the Spirit.

    Sabbath observance is an eternal principle, and the day itself is so ordained and arranged that it bears record of Christ by pointing particular attention to great works he has performed. From the day of Adam to the Exodus from Egypt, the Sabbath commemorated the fact that Christ rested from his creative labors on the 7th day. ("ex. 20:8"ex. 20:9"ex. 20:10"ex. 20:11)

    From the Exodus to the day of his resurrection, the Sabbath commemorated the deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage. ("deut. 5:12-15)

    As Samuel Walter Gamble has pointed out in his Sunday, the True Sabbath of God this necessarily means that the Sabbath was kept on a different day each year.

    From the days of the early apostles to the present, the Sabbath has been the first day of the week, the Lord's Day, in commemoration of the fact that Christ came forth from the grave on Sunday. ("acts 20:7.)

    The Latter-day Saints keep the first day of the week as their Sabbath, not in imitation of what any peoples of the past have done, but because the Lord so commanded them by direct revelation. ("D&C 59)

    Sabbath observance was a sign between ancient Israel and their God whereby the chosen people might be known ("neh. 13:15-22 "

    isa. 56:1-
    7 "isa. 56:8; "jer. 17:19-27; "ezek. 46:1);

    death was the decreed penalty for violation of it. (ex. 31:12-17.)

    Sunday being the Lord's Day, it is a day on which men should do the Lord's work, and do it exclusively. There should be no unnecessary work of a temporal nature, no recreation, no unnecessary travel, no joy riding, and the like. The Sabbath is a day for affirmative spiritual worship, aside from which, "thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart." (D&C 59:13.)


    Hope this helps you understand why we believe as we do.

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    We have a new puppy!

    HELLO!! Welcome to 'Cookie'

    Hi everyone! Meet 'Cookie Qualheim'!
    Today has been a busy day! I went to the Vegas Temple this morning then home to get kids from school, and there was a phone call for me on the answering machine. Our puppy was ready to go to her new home! She is a pure bred Shih-Tzu, minus papers, which is fine with me, we are not going to breed her anyhow. She is just to love! =)

    One of Mike's co-workers dog was having puppies and Mike sort of surprised us and let her know we would like a little female if there was one. Mama had 2 boys and 2 girls so we got to choose which female we would like. She is so adorable. We have only had her in our home for a few hours and we adore her already. I even took some photos of her. The girls named her Cookie...

    She took a nice long nap and pottied outside twice already! Good puppy! Our dog Boots is sure curious about her and we are trying to get them used to one another. You can see Boots head at the bottom of this photo.

    I did manage to get one newborn shirt-vest made in the car on the way to Vegas this morning... green Simply Soft with fuzzy soft pink Wendy's yarn trim. Turned out CUTE! One of my neighbors brought over a bag with brand new sleepers, and onesies for newborn boys for Crafting Angels next week. We are putting together some mini-kits for UMC as we don't have any blankets but we have about 70 of other items--booties, hats, burpcloths, onesies, shirts etc. and soap. So they will at least have those items.

    Well, time to get back to making pink and purple little shirt-vests.

    Take care everyone!


    Baby patterns

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Good morning! 9-11

    Good morning!

    It's a brand new week and I know I might be odd, but I love Mondays. The air just seems fresher, the sun seems sunnier, it's time to start over fresh and new. It's cool enough this morning to have the windows open and I am actually making that bread this morning!

    I usually get laundry done on Mondays-- and ironing for hubby. I end up doing more loads during the week, but on Mondays I try to get ALL of it done. First load is out on the clothesline, and I am mixing the flour into the bread, typing on here, and watching FOX news for the coverage of the 5th anniversary of 9-11.

    (PHOTO - The Christus- North Visitors Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Temple square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Taken by Katie Qualheim Aug 23, 2006)

    I am not surprised, AND am not thrilled that people in this country, who, immediately after 9-11, were suddenly feverously praying to the God we have removed from just about everything in our country! The news is saying 9-11 changed the world forever... but have we changed for the good? Are we remembering our Heavenly Father always? Are we reaching out MORE to help His children who are unable to help themselves, or whose weary hands hang down? Are we lifting people up, or tearing them down???

    Merely 5 years later those same people who were praying in fear are hissing and complaining about our country's leaders, and the decision to rid the world of terrorists. Just what exactly happened to the people who were humbly bowing their heads pleading for help?! Do we only pray when we are in trouble or need help?

    "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day." Alma 37:37 (Book of Mormon - Another Testament of Jesus Christ)

    @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~


    I am making more newborn vest-shirts today. Trying to get 2 done for the kits we will put together next week Tuesday. Lots of people at Church are making newborn hats so that's great and I can take a break from those for a while now. I think we will have plenty.

    Well, it's time to go pound my bread!! I can smell it already-- well maybe it's the yeast, but it smells good and I know it has doubled to time to pound!

    @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~ @>~>~~~

    BEV'S COUNTRY COTTAGE - winter patterns

    Friday, September 08, 2006

    'Tis Friday!

    Here is that pattern for a fall hat I have been promising-- I will get it posted on my website later, with a better photo but for now... this is a good place for new patterns!


    Circular needles size 10.5

    about 3 oz of Sport weight yarn

    Cast on 80 sts Knit 2, purl 2 for 6 rows.
    Then knit till hat measure about 8" tall total.

    Decrease: Knit 2 sts together around. Repeat this till you have just a handful of sts left on the needles and you can't knit 2 together anymore!

    Cut yarn tail.
    Thread through sewing needle and weave through remaining sts.

    Remove from needle, and pull tight. Weave yarn tail back inside the hat.


    I also recently finished a star afghan for friends who just adopted a baby. It worked up quite quickly and was so fun to see take shape. Here is a photo of that:

    It is a pattern for preemies but I did 32 rows so it was definitely large enough for a newborn and beyond. The shortest width I measured was 33" so I am quite sure it was 45" or beyond from star point to point. I was able to place my newborn sized doll in there and wrap her up nicely with room to spare. The pattern I used can be found here:

    I need to run and take my daughter to the orthodontist! Later

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Quick post this morning

    Good morning!
    I just wanted to sign in fast here, as I am waiting for my ride to the Vegas Temple. But I will update properly later and more more.

    Yesterday, I finished a hat I have been working on for over a year... it's for me to wear when it cools down but isn't COLD, you know. An in between hat. I did it on circular needles and I hope to get the pattern posted on here or on my site (to link to from here) later today. It turned out really nice.

    It's been so long I can't remember the brand of yarn any more but it could be made in any yarn really. Extremely basic stuff!

    Talk to you later today. :)

    Bev's Country Cottage

    I'm back!
    This is one of my sunset photos taken back in June on Mormon Mesa here in Logandale. We have the most gorgeous sunsets here in the desert! None lovelier anywhere. The colors are just breathtaking. Our ward had a Dutch Oven cookout there on the Mesa - and yes, that's really the name. Brigham Young sent people here to populate this valley many, many years ago, and while some could not take the harsh conditions, many stayed.

    I still have not posted any of the photos - so you are the first to see this one. =)

    Well, today went fine. My friend Bobbi, Kathy and I went to the Vegas Temple and did the 10 am session there. Then we went to Taco Bell for lunch, and to the gov't center for Bobbi to file some dust permits for her business 'dust permit express'. I only got one newborn hat made in the car, but one is one! =) 'Tis all good!

    Needless to say, I didn't get the rows counted on the hat I made, or number of stitches, but I will do that when I can and get that pattern all typed up for you too.

    It is incredibly windy here tonight and actually raining a bit! Hasn't rained here in a WHILE! We need it. I want to get out and plant a few more collard greens or something to eat in the coming months before it freezes at night. I wish I had more zucchini seeds as we are all zucchini fans! But we will plant and eat what we have.

    Well, it's time to say goodnight to all! Tomorrow is a busy day for me, with adult religion in the morning, and ward missionary meeting in the evening, but I should have some time in between to post a bit on here.

    Take care till next time.
    Bev's Country Cottage Preemies patterns

    PS. Since some are wondering, YES, if you click on the google-ads here on my BLOG I do receive pay from that too, just as I do on my website.

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Sad news-- Steve Irwin dies

    Good morning everyone,
    We were watching FOX news, and heard earlier that Croc Hunter Steve Irwin died this morning, killed by a stingray barb into his heart while filming a documentary. My prayers go out to his wife and 2 little children. I loved his shows... you will be missed Steve.

    Not sure what we are going to do today on this Labor Day holiday. Since hubby is done at Lins Market here he has the day off. It's the first holiday he has had off that I can remember in our 27 years of marriage!

    I am thinking of making some wheat bread, as I love to smell it and eat it with honey! :) Also, need to bathe the dog as Mike's folks are coming here this weekend to visit us, and Boots is in NEED of a bath!!!

    Here is my fave wheat bread recipe. Note how it has no processed sugars in it since I am sugar sensitive...

    Bev's Even Easier Wheat Bread
    3 Tbsp of active dry yeast
    2 3/4 c warm water (110 F) or so
    6 cups unbleached white flour, 1 cup wheat flour
    3 TBsp honey
    2 tsp salt
    2 Tbsp olive oil
    Sprinkle yeast on water in a large bowl, and stir till blended. Set aside for 5 minutes. Add 3 cups white flour and 1 cup wheat flour, honey, salt and olive oil. Slowly add 3 more cups flour and mix by hand. When mixed together turn out onto floured counter and knead with hands, pound it, knead it, mix it, beat on it (!) for 5 minutes.
    Place back in an oiled bowl, turn it over in the oil, then put in a warm place and let double in size. (about 45 mins) Knead again, beating down and kneading with hands for several more minutes, adding a little more flour if needed so dough becomes smooth and elastic.

    Cut bread into 3 loaves, and perhaps a couple of smaller ones too! I always seem to get more bread out of my recipes than similar amounts in other recipes! Place in warm place again and let rise till doubled. (45 mins)
    Then bake in a 375 F oven till light brown and done- about 45 minutes.

    This tastes incredibly good with HONEY BUTTER...
    1/2 cup soft butter mixed with 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.


    Later- Bev

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    Happy Sabbath Day to everyone!

    Good morning everyone!
    I went out for my morning walk with Boots our dog, (1/2 poodle 1/2 shih tzu) and watched the sunrise come up over the mountains here in Logandale. It is just so breathtakingly beautiful here at sunrise and sunset-- and I love early mornings.

    I have ward choir practice at 9 this morning, and then back home for a few hours before our ward meets at 1 pm.

    I need to type up a little list of things we need for
    CRAFTING ANGELS before I go at 1 too... hoping to get some donations for the newborn kits, because I sure cannot make that many hats, and shirts--and I am not about to try making soap before the 21st! LOL My specialty is actually booties, but we have plenty of those on hand thanks to some generous crafters across the country who sent them for last month when we put together - I think it was 42 kits maybe? My friend Bobbi and I delivered those a few weeks ago on the way to the Vegas Temple to go do a session.

    This week I need to get a blanket mailed to my friends in Denmark who just adopted a newborn baby girl, so I need to get that boxed up and ready to mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Somehow I also need to keep on my kids about keeping the house clean, as it is on the market to sell. Long story... basically my husband's 'superiors' decided to yank him out of this store, and put him in another store 200 miles north of here, with no time to sell the house - no time to do anything. Happy... we are not...

    Not a thing we can do about it. Mike had his last day at the Lin's market here yesterday. People were crying, and hugging him. He is a much loved member of this community, and I really think corporate is making a HUGE mistake but that's their problem, and not ours anymore. Mike will do his best no matter what and keep smiling. :)

    Back to charity crafting!

    Winter will soon be upon us, after a scorching summer to say the least, and kids will need warm mittens. I have just the pattern for beginners, for advanced crocheters, for anyone!

    They are really easy to make I promise, and so needed in the winter months. There are links to click on for other patterns like a hat that matches, or a set you can make for preschoolers. You may want to check with your local daycare centers to see if they could use a bunch for the kids... now is the time to make them too.

    Well, I'd better go get ready for choir. I have having a bit too much fun writing on this blog! Please tell your friends about it too, as I am really into holidays and might just have to post some recipes and such for those too.


    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    What I am working on...

    I am back although I likely will not post this many posts in ONE DAY!! But I did want to share with you what I am currently working on for humanitarian. On Sept. 19th our ward will be holding CRAFTING ANGELS, and I really want to put together more newborn kits for UMC in Vegas.

    We have 73 pairs of booties, 43 hats, 26 bars of soap, and 42 diapers.... so I am working towards 50 kits this month.

    That means I need to get busy making hats, and making some little newborn shirt-vests. These will be mini-kits, but will help out a few new moms I am sure.

    Here is my pattern for newborn vest-shirts
    and a photo of them
    They are really fun to make and fairly quick too. I was able to crochet one on the way to St. George, UT the other day, and then make a matching hat from this pattern:

    Well, I should get back to making more little hats.


    Bev's First post ever on her new blog

    Hello everyone! One of my friends recommended I start a blog, as well as my website Bev's Country Cottage, so here I am. My life is usually fairly filled up but I thought this might be a good place to write about my current humanitarian projects or to post links to my newest patterns on my website, and to just share some of my insights into life.

    My son Christopher and new daughter in law, Danielle, just got married in the Salt Lake City Temple on August 24, 2006, and what a wonderful day it was. We are so excited to welcome Danielle into our family! Now I have 3 sons AND 3 daughters! Definitely a more even balance for this family. :)